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Again, Katrina brought out the tablecloth and napkin ring. The Emirates A380 business class onboard bar/lounge is located at the rear of the business class cabin. Choose from our menu of regionally inspired gourmet dishes and enjoy dining that takes you places. Get a full night's rest. The business class cabin features a total of 76 seats, spread across two cabins. All Business Class seats onboard the Emirates A380 are 18,5 inch (47 cm) wide. The cabin lights had dimmed, so we figured it was time to catch some sleep on those lie-flat seats. She was genuinely friendly, and it was fun to hear about her experience working for Emirates. It makes it feel more like a “bed” rather than just a seat. And when we landed in Dubai, being whisked to customs on our own business class bus was also awesome. In other words, they didn’t pay $8,000 out of pocket to fly in Emirates business class. It was a simple gift, but a very nice touch. Singapore Airlines' new Airbus A380 business class, introduced in 2017. This compensation may impact how and where links appear on this site. We waited at most five minutes for our bags to arrive, and before we knew it, we were in a taxi to our hotel. Emirates A380 Business Class cabin features, Careers Opens an external link in a new tab, Media Centre Opens an external link in a new tab, For details on how we use your information, please see our, Modern Slavery Act transparency statement. Emirates A380 Business Class. The total flight time was slated for 12 hours and 45 minutes, and Dubai was eight hours ahead of DC time. So to help us A) get tired, and B) ease into “Dubai time,” we woke up at 3:00am that morning. Lie-flat seats – all with one touch of a button. Foot traffic was nonexistent, so passengers were left to sleep in peace. Roughly 120,000 Emirates miles will be required each way, and you’ll also need to pay a couple hundred dollars in taxes and fees. Qantas A380 Business Class Cabin The upgrade to the Business Suite on the A380 from the old Qantas Skybeds is a very welcome change. It is not the bank advertiser’s responsibility to ensure all posts and/or questions are answered. What an awesome experience! The compensation we receive is of no cost to you. And sculpted wings that support you while lounging, then … The A380 is a 2 x 2 x 2 configuration. This breakfast hit the spot. He entertained the group with his own Emirates stories, and then offered us the chance to take pictures behind the bar. After we touched down in Dubai, Taryn and I gathered our belongings and said one last goodbye to the cabin crew. Don’t mind if I do…. I threw back a few cups of coffee, as our goal was to acclimate to our new time zone as quickly as possible. Near the side table are the buttons that control the seat itself. BUSINESS CLASS. There was also plenty of storage space for bags and personal items. Men and women receive different kits, and both kits came with Bulgari toiletry items. After two (or three) drinks at the bar, it was about 3:00pm DC time but we were already tired. AMAZING. As soon as you sit down, it’s hard not to notice the 23 inch-wide screen for the in-flight entertainment system. But first, a midnight snack. The ability to “belly up” to a bar on a plane and talk to other passengers is something I’ll always remember. “We want to give you a keepsake,” he said. It has merely 18 seats and is just behind the lounge area. Not really. Enjoy gourmet cuisine and over 4,500 channels of entertainment, or take a stroll to the onboard lounge. A nice option for actual business travelers who do this all the time, but we obviously wanted to try the food. Book our complimentary Chauffeur-drive service to and from the airport. The A380’s refreshed Business Class cabin retains the same all-aisle-access seating that it has had for years, but the seats have been refreshed to feature champagne-colored leather covers and wood finishing that the airline says has been “inspired by executive jets” and which is similar to Business Class … Like the lunch service, out came the tablecloths, salt and pepper shakers, and napkin rings. The onboard lounge was easily the coolest feature on a plane I’ve ever experienced and exceeded out lofty expectations. So rather than dealing with all the seat’s cracks and crevices, passengers can sleep on more solid surface. You’ve probably seen that Jennifer Aniston commercial with the onboard shower and bar, and figured that kind of luxury travel was only for the rich and famous. What’s cool with Emirates’s IFE is that it’s the same system and show variety no matter what cabin your flying. Each seat came with a complimentary amenity kit. Business class passengers can enjoy Veuve Clicquot champagne (first class passengers can have Dom Perignon), two different red wines, two different white wines, and a port. Sure beats a pack of peanuts in economy class, though. IS. Experience Business Class reimagined. We arrived at the airport at 8:00am. For the infrequent flyer, Emirates A380 business class or first class seem like the pinnacle of flying. After taking pictures behind the bar, Marko brought out on an old school Polaroid camera. It was a hearty meat-and-potatoes kind of meal, and it actually outshined my main course from lunch. We each had a macchiato and some light bites in the lounge, since we were really looking forward to the meals on our flight. My take on the new SPG Luxury credit card and why it probably isn't for everyone. The flight I booked (Washington to Dubai to the Maldives) is currently valued at $5,230. Check out our site to learn the basics, and follow our blog for more tips on how to make your dream vacation a reality. Both of us were really looking forward to our first business class meal. Katrina gave us menus for the dining options onboard when she first greeted us. Our Serbian bartender, Marko, was quite the character. Asiana A380 business class … The 2 center seats in each row are generally regarded as the better seats f… The Maryland crab cakes immediately jumped out at me. To my right was the seat’s mini-bar pre-stocked with water and juice. Air France flights didn’t leave until the evening, so the lounge wasn’t too crowded. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. The Airbus A380 is the largest commercial plane in existence, and you can certainly tell once on board. Probably the most important item in any amenity kit: a toothbrush and toothpaste. Asiana’s A380 has a total of 66 business class seats, located entirely on the upper deck. The pastry was a little dry, though. Maybe I should have had that croissant at the Air France lounge after all. our partners at Cardratings.com for the current best available credit card offers. Products and services featured on this website may vary according to route and aircraft configuration. And if that wasn’t enough, the seat also had a corded remote control located within easy reach. The couch was equipped with seatbelts, so we were able to stay in the lounge along with a handful of other passengers. Restaurant A380 Business Class cabin. The huge TV, the industry-leading selection of TV shows and movies, the three different ways to control the TV, the “mini bar” at each seat, the lie-flat seats, the mattress pad, all the storage areas… what’s not to like? Watch the video to see what you can expect from Emirates Business Class on our A380. The cabin crew also asked while taking lunch menu orders if passengers instead wanted to skip breakfast altogether and catch a few more Zs. Fully flat seats in a staggered arrangement. That’s what waking up at 3:00am will do to you. The seating position to the far right was for takeoff and landing, the middle position was for meals and watching TV, then the seating position to the left was to turn the seat into a fully-flat bed. My first course included the seafood duo appetizer with scallops and prawns, a small side salad, and a hearty bread roll. “B” for the crab cakes themselves. For more information please read our full Advertiser Disclosure. But otherwise, nothing to write home about. If you are a frequent traveler, you probably already carry the toiletries that you want to use. While Katrina took our meal requests, she also delivered our pre-dinner drinks. Jameson is a huge sports fan and lives in Beer City, USA, also known as Grand Rapids, Michigan. We were the first ones to the bar (go figure), but soon a few more passengers followed our lead and came back to join us in the lounge. A seat that seamlessly reclines into a bed. The answer was obviously yes. Etihad uses a custom-d… Business and first class passengers also had a separate jetway to the upper deck of the airplane. After the meal, it was time for the experience we had been waiting for! Katrina gave us sightseeing tips for Dubai and Marko took pictures of us behind the bar… it was like they were genuinely our friends rather than flight attendants. Fifteen minutes later, she came back with handwritten notes for where we should go in Dubai. Maybe it’s because there were over 75 other business class passengers to serve. Handstitched full grain leather by Poltrona Frau. I booked award tickets in Emirates A380 business class by redeeming 82,500 Alaska Airlines miles. All rights reserved. All of the business seats have direct aisle access, so we were able to go into the aisle without having to climb over anybody else. © 2020 Points Panda. A seat that seamlessly reclines into a bed. from 40,000+ feet in the air. Flying in business class on Air France's Airbus A380 round-trip between New York and Paris was a treat. The A380 is a humongous bird with a staggering 64 business class seats spread across two cabins. We didn’t have to wait long for Katrina to bring us our glasses of Veuve Clicquot champagne as we waited for the rest of the passengers to board. Was it delicious airplane food? Smooth sailing. There are a total of 76 seats, occupying 2 sections; each seat has … Each seat is on the aisle-side so you don't have to worry or be disturbed by other guests.Furthermore, changes have … Three full pages worth along with a dozen different cocktails, though I’m sure they would make any drink you wanted. However, since we were business class passengers, we bypassed the long line and were immediately helped at our dedicated business class counter. Business Class – A380. Editorial Disclosure: Opinions expressed on this site are the author and company’s opinion alone, not those of any bank, credit card issuer, hotel, airline, or other entity. The A380 that flew me from Singapore to London featured the ‘old layout’ with a total of 12 First Class suites, 86 Business Class seats, 36 Premium Economy Class seats, and 245 standard … As we approached Dubai International Airport, I was able to catch my first glimpse of the Dubai skyline. He snapped a photo, and placed the Polaroid in an Emirates picture frame and wrote a short message. Here’s what it’s like to fly the double decker A380 … I was curious how fancy the onboard restroom would be, though it wasn’t anything too special. The seat itself is the same – including direct aisle access, a fully flat … EVERYONE was flying for work. We learned that Katrina was our age and hailed from Edinburgh, Scotland. While we waited for the turbulence to subside, Katrina stopped by to casually chat. Responses are not provided or commissioned by the bank advertiser. For a moment, you could almost believe that you were boarding a red-eye flight headed to someplace far afield. Join the conversation in our new A380 Onboard Lounge. Still, since you can use ANY of the major credit card points programs to transfer into Emirates, it can be a very valuable program to use. While we receive a commission from these websites, we do our best to maintain neutrality and journalistic integrity in our editorial reviews of credit cards and other financial products. The place started to get a little livelier at this point, and we chatted up a few other passengers. After we landed, Emirates yet again impressed. Emirates A380 Business Class Seat – 23A However, I mostly hung out at the onboard bar and lounge at the rear of the upper deck interacting with the crew, fellow Avgeeks, and passengers and captured some Polaroid memories. A seat that seamlessly reclines into a fully flat bed with a soft, comfy mattress and a cosy blanket - hello sweet dreams! They probably thought we were heirs to the Vanderbilt fortune or something. Each business class passenger also had a blanket. The lower deck holds 12 First Class suites and 301 economy class … In fact, Emirates now partners with the major credit card points currencies (Chase, AMEX, Citi, and Capital One), which means you can transfer any of these points into an Emirates frequent flyer account. It was clean and serviceable. Etihad is most famous for its luxurious first class and over-the-top, three-room "Residence," but its A380 business class definitely stands up, too. Now that SPG is a part of Marriott, you would need to transfer Marriott points into your Alaska Airlines account in order to combine all of the points together. The Airbus A380 is a HUGE plane (literally the largest passenger airplane in the world), but I knew it had a couple of different entrances, which probably is how they could board 600+ passengers in 30 minutes. I almost told them about our journey with credit card points, but I figured that would sound too crazy. The IFE also included multiple episodes from a variety of different television shows as well. However, redeeming Alaska Airlines miles is not the only way to book an Emirates A380 business class flight. Did it blow our minds? The plane just goes on forever. Note: due to the coronavirus pandemic, the onboard bar and lounge may be limited and look drastically different. This is not an exhaustive list and may frequently change. After flipping through the newspapers in the lounge, we headed out of the lounge around 9:45am, 10 minutes before our scheduling boarding. The fact that I remembered two of the flight attendants by name speaks for itself. Emirates A380 Business Class This is Business Class redefined Unwind in the perfect living space. Even though the middle seats are next to each other, my wife and I each took window seats. Emirates’ A380 business class cabin is located on the upper deck, behind the first class cabin. I went with an Old Fashioned, which also came with a bowl of warmed nuts. Or explore our immersive 3D cabin. The food menu is unique to each route, and the options change each month. Points Panda LLC also participates in a variety of other affiliate networks including Shareasale, Rakuten, and CJ Publisher. Fly First Class on our A380 or Boeing 777 and arrive inspired. I thought it was interesting that they also had a number of mocktails, likely to cater to those in the Gulf states who do not drink alcohol. The scallops and prawns came with a papaya salad and both were dressed in a ginger soy sauce. Overall, we enjoyed the meal… but we had higher expectations. Sadly, I forgot to sneak a spoonful. While the line for economy class was 50+ people deep, our special entrance only had about a dozen passengers. (Note: due to the coronavirus pandemic, current meal options may be drastically different). Business class is … Taryn enjoyed her grilled chicken and was apparently hungry since she forgot to take a picture of her dish. The business class cabin — known as “Etihad Studio” — takes up the majority of the upper deck of Etihad’s A380, with first class and The Residence occupying the rest. This is only slightly wider than the Emirates A380 Economy Class seats, which have a width of 17,5 inch (45 … A review of the Dubai Emirates business class lounge and 777 business class. I guess at the end of the day, it’s still airplane food. But since the food wasn’t mindblowingly good and I still can’t get over the tacky fake gold wood seats, I’ll dock a point and give it a 9. To share his passion, he ran a blog called "Points with Plastic" A seat that seamlessly reclines into a … I was tempted by the asparagus soup, but I’m a sucker for anything with scallops, so I went with the seafood duo as my first course. You can also sign up for our travel concierge to get one full year of unlimited credit card and award booking assistance. With that being said, while the Air France lounge was nice, it didn’t have that “wow” factor. Air France A380 Business Class Johannesburg to Paris. That’s what I thought, too. I think Etihad has nailed the styling with the use of a warm color pallet and geometric patterns as part of its “Facets of Abu Dhabi” design language. Both amenity kits were great. The window seats are slightly staggered, so my seat was closer to the aisle while the side table was closer to the window. Nothing too out of the ordinary as far as choices, so I picked the scrambled eggs and chives. Since Alaska Airlines is a partner with Emirates, you can redeem your Alaska Airlines miles for travel with Emirates. This content has not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any of the entities included within the website, blog posts, videos, emails or any other content. Freddy's FREE Credit Card Optimization Course. The remote control was easy enough to use, intuitive and … The friendly gate agent verified our passports, handed us our boarding passes, and directed us to the Air France lounge. The entire upper deck is only Business Class with 94 fully flat “prestige sleeper” seats and two lounges.

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