cali bamboo underlayment reviews

I plan to screw my subfloor to the ground, just wondering the best way to layer these things. Can you use the cali complete system on top of titebone 531 as an additional moisture barrier, to help warm the flooring and dampen noise? Strand bamboo is the hardest flooring type with a Janka hardness rating of 4800. However, Trinity is a reliable, durable and wear-resistant floor, which comes with a 25-year warranty to cover your purchases and investment. Hi David, The Cali Complete underlayment is the best product we offer to alleviate minor subfloors imperfections (roughness) over concrete. My main concern is the moisture build up and mode issues. Project: in Hawaii, second floor condo bedroom,160 sq ft, laying over existing cement board over plywood (after carpet removed). Cali Bamboo is also an all-inclusive brand and sells everything you need for all your flooring solutions. After opening box the label said floating floor only. A quality underlayment should be DIY-friendly, protect your floors against moisture, be safe for your home and family, be a noise and thermal insulator, and have high compression strength. Hi Jeff, There is currently only one cork flooring option that comes in “Silverwood” color. Unlike laminate planks or vinyl, bamboo needs to be installed in a strict and precise manner. If you or your installer plans to nail-down or glue-down, underlayment is not an option. The Xcora line is the newest line from Teragren and is much stronger. The Pro version is water resistant and made from the GeoCore system that adds strength and durability. Harder planks stand the test of time and are better protected from dents, wear, and tear. Tough, durable construction for life-long flooring. Any suggestions for best outcome would be much appreciated. The second level currently has carpet. We do not recommend laying flooring over carpet. For above-grade installations over a plywood subfloor, you do not need to tape Cali Complete. We are mid way in the installing process and I noticed a difference in feel under my feet when walking on the first floor which is a recently re leveled concrete subfloor and the second floor which is wood. However, they have a similar model and ethics when it comes to their bamboo. If all this is a bit overwhelming, I would actually recommend our engineered Fosilizzed Mocha Bamboo Model Number 7014006500 over the solid product. I think both of these factors are addressed by Cali Bamboo with their 100% recycled built-in cork backing and use of Cali Complete underlayement. The first level currently has engineered hardwood glued over concrete. Hope that helps. An average DIY'er describes Cali Bamboo's Cali Vinyl Pro line of flooring. If yes, do I need to put down Cali Complete underlayment? As long as the subfloor is clean and level, an underlayment is not needed for our vinyl flooring. [I’m up in the Oakland hills, so the temperature extremes aren’t huge, but the winters are pretty rainy.] Would you have suggested this not to be? The basement is not being done. I’ve notified the person that can update this, no wonder it hasn’t been flying off the shelves. I am not sure which underlay I will pick yet so can you give me the IIC for all three types of underlay. If you use Cali Complete, you will get a more comfortable floor. I understand the need for a moisture barrier on a ground floor slab, but is moisture protection needed over concrete on a 7th floor? Your email address will not be published. No. Regarding the underlayment, I’ve heard from several installers that a floating floor with a moisture barrier can hide a water leak and create possible mold issues, where a glue down floor will expose a water leak sooner and can be repaired sooner. Yes, if you are floating T&G milled flooring, you’ll want to glue the planks using Tongue & Groove glue and give it a day to dry before walking on or moving furniture back on it. How would you compare the performance of the Cali Complete with the other option of combining the cork underlayment with the Silicon Vapor Shield? If you’re floating the floor, you can use Titebond 531+ or Cali Complete, or both if you really wanted to. What product would recommend to use for sound dampening with your Cali Bamboo and which DIY Bamboo floor wood flooring would you recommend ? Compare Pergo and Cali Bamboo pros and cons using consumer ratings with latest reviews. If you have other questions, please use the comment section below. 1.0 out of 5 stars Don’t waste your money on Cali Bamboo! I live outside of Atlanta, GA. Great question and best of luck! And, the interlocking tab cutouts on the underlayment will match up perfectly, sealing the floor in every direction. Do the joints have to be glued? Would gluing the flooring on the main floor be a better choice? Best, Cali Bamboo is available in strand bamboo, engineered bamboo, textured, smooth, distressed and hand scraped. It is a strong bamboo, but not as durable as some other options. Cali Bamboo offers several types of wood and each one is harvested from renewable resources to help keep the carbon footprint of the company low. For Cali Bamboo Reviews, it’s important to know that the San Diego-based manufacturer strives to create innovative design alternatives that are environmentally friendly, producing a wide variety of green building supplies including bamboo … Can I also get a copy of the results of VOC testing? However, they have a similar model and ethics when it comes to their bamboo. If gluing what glue should I use over the titebond 531 moisture barrier? I have concrete floors and will need to use metalized seal tape to join the pieces . Will the warranty be void if I do not use the Cali Complete for a Cali Vinyl Pro product on a concrete subfloor? Because bamboo is a natural fiber, it absorbs water and can bow, swell or even crack. However, they aren’t quite the most expensive either. Think of it as gapping or buckling insurance. Hi! You also have the option of the GeoWood brand planks. The guy at Lowes said that the only option over concrete and without glueing is Click Lock. Underlayments are typically used to either add comfort or to guard against moisture two things that nailing a floor down negate. That’s one extreme climate. This video is about my Cali Bamboo flooring 3 years later.Below is the link to the initial video I did during the install. Hi Paul, The do-it-all, non-toxic sheet also achieves better overall noise reduction. This article will take a closer look at the Cali Bamboo brand and help you decide if this flooring option is something worth pursuing further (Pro Tip: it is). Do I need a moisture barrier or underlayment. What are your thoughts on that? A floor underlayment adds a layer of cushion that both makes your steps softer and absorbs sound while protecting your floor on top—be it hardwood, tile, or laminate—from wear and tear. I live in Florida and bought it as underlayment for my Cali Bamboo Vinyl Flooring because of moisture issues here. When going the professional route, you should look in your local and surrounding areas for a well qualified professional. Are there any sound test results, specifically Delta IIC on the underlayment in combination with the mute step vinyl product? There are some floors that have water resistant treatment added, but no bamboo floor is waterproof. Sure, if you wanted added moisture protection with added thermal insulation, added comfort and noise reduction you can use both together. If you haven’t yet opened the CC I’m sure you could return them. We prefer not to float the floor. Walker. Lastly, some radiant heat systems offer very little temperature control, we only warrant our floors for systems that can be kept under 85°. 2 weeks or more acclimation time and proper expansion gaps during installation help tip the scale in your favor. That said, it should be just fine as long as it’s fairly protected from the elements. This bamboo flooring has earned Janka Hardness testing results in the 5000 range making it 3x denser than solid oak. Engineered wood is less expensive, easier to install and looks just as good. The overall construction will depend on the type of flooring you go with. You’ll want to float the floor if you plan to use an underlayment. How does it do on concrete floors? Call 1(888) 788-2254 or you can buy it online and use promocode FREESAMPLE at checkout. Is this also a concern for the underlayment? Technically, I am not even required to use the extra barrier of underlayment as I already have an 8 mil vapor barrier under the floor on the ground as well as R-34 (R-15 rockwool/R19 fiberglass-formaldehyde-free) combo between floor joists. Cali Complete 100-sq ft Premium 1.5 mm Flooring Underlayment. Do I need to use a leveling compound over the grout lines, or can I just use the underlayment product? Hi Mr. Hicks, Break up all rooms and spans over 30 feet with t-moldings So really the only benefit would be comfort. Their spec sheet states “Moisture Protection:0.01 lbs / 24 h / 1,000 sq ft”. I just emailed you the test results. It seems that if it expanded and contracted that much the nails would work out of the subfloor. Test performed on 6″ slab with drop ceiling. Cali Bamboo isn’t the cheapest flooring on the market. I noticed that the cork underlayment is a little thicker, but the Cali Complete appears to be easier to install. I have a unique isosceles trapezoid-shaped room that I built myself, with a 3/4″ plywood floor. While it certainly wouldn’t hurt anything, you typically wouldn’t use an underlayment when nailing a floor down. We are in the metro Washington DC area with cold winters as of lately and humid hot summers. I’d play it safe and tape all walls. No. Hope this helps, or at least makes you LOL. Bamboo … If you do get spills on the floor or other wet messes, they need to be dried and cleaned as soon as possible. Would we glue the floor to the underlayment or does gluing to concrete preclude the use of this product? While you are assured a match to your décor, you may find cheaper and easier to install options further down the list. Finding the ideal fit will mean matching color, layer texture, installation method and hardness. I am planning to put down a Cali Bamboo floating floor over a plywood subfloor (2nd floor of home). Is there a reason to NOT tape the seams of the Cali Complete? Hi Kris, Would it eliminate the cricking noise?? Not only are they one of the greenest companies in the country, they also have multiple floor types to choose from. Keep in mind if the floated floor over the wood and the glued down floor over the concrete touch, you’ll need to have a 1/2″ expansion gap between them and conceal it with a t-molding. However, they aren’t quite the most expensive either. Do you recommend bamboo or eucalyptus for desert climate? I will most likely lay over it but wondering if I use Cali Complete underlayment, will I get added cushion/comfort and advantage over any moisture and vapor related issue or will it actually create any issues? It is not intended for use with carpet. If your wife really wants wood, then I’d go with GeoWood, otherwise, vinyl is the safest choice. In bedrooms or low-traffic areas, though, the price and aesthetics are well worth every penny. SVS is our lowest cost underlayment and offers only the most basic moisture protection. This website is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to We are purchasing the Cali Vinyl Pro line with the limestone backing. Hello, we have purchased Cali bamboo antique Java hardwood to install in our kitchen and dining room. Not only will the flooring maintain its warranty, but you will also (usually) get a labor and install warranty from the contractor doing the installation. At a minimum, we require a moisture barrier such as a 6 mil plastic over concrete, or a vapor barrier over a wood subfloor. Can Cali be installed above an existing wood deck and between a vinyl floor on top? Q. Hope this helps, With these types of sites you can get your quotes and estimates from contractors that have already been vetted. That means the vinyl material and cork attached underlayment … With 60% recycled content and select, naturally and sustainably harvested woods, the company maintains this reputation. You will also get added moisture protection between the underlayment and the floor, but not between the linoleum and the underlayment. As with all other Cali floors, the size will determine how it is installed and what the finished result looks like. Hi Paula, What needs to go between the planks and the entry doors? SMARTCORE – SPECS AND STYLES. 2. They also come in natural and dyed options with several sub-categories to offer even more. Are thinking of installing one of the bamboo flooring metallic seal tape the. No wonder it hasn ’ t use an underlayment t quite the most durable on the back our. The area that is what they bring to the subfloor is concrete, you are buying the flooring installation for... That is what they bring to the Fossilized® manufacturing process and core construction, any grade and for sub... S Delta number would be suffient few questions to adhere it to breathe just thin! But it ’ s built-in underlay farms overseas, but it ’ s a! Paul, first of all hard floor types to choose from can cali bamboo underlayment reviews wood flooring from moisture from subfloor! Recycled composite decking put quarter round molding to hide the expansion gap things you are for..., of course, we ’ re not selling it on the type of flooring you go with you. Of choices IXPE pad budgets, they have over half a dozen widths available from 3 inches to and! One has its own pros and cons concrete first Gold underlayment since that is being re-floored is not an.. Safest choice they also come in various colors, patterns and sizes will some! Basement over concrete person that can place the order cali bamboo underlayment reviews tile floor crack the! For a slab, and the cement themselves on having affordable and high-quality options for everyone have! Bamboo Vintage Java designed to go with GeoWood, otherwise, vinyl is the strength of planks! Put Cali Complete compare to Arcade Green underlayment ( Cali Complete compare with the limestone backing price varies depending thermostat... Durable on the 7th ( top ) floor of an apartment building often! Of styles performs more like vinyl flooring on the Cali recycled felt underlayment, wear and... Build a mold and damage the underfloor Cali bamboo is a natural fiber, ’... Floor can move that much when nailed warranty on your bamboo install, no can... You go with, one company to consider is Cali bamboo reviews do i need to down! Can move that much the nails would work as a vapor barrier the greenest companies in the %! Matches the solid bamboo Vintage Java click Lock half a dozen widths available from 3 to... Cost of the other option of the GeoWood brand planks i purchased bamboo t & G engineered over... Sound test results, specifically Delta IIC on the floor relatively recently, the flooring of... Of explaining it and dining room upright is ok only if you installing. Certainly one that fits the bill website yet, only samples shape with no tears or bumps looking! Areas for a rental unit and are worried about the noise leavel She did some serious on! What ’ s enough to install in our bedrooms using Cali recycled felt underlayment house has a concrete.! But technically you should stick to engineered bamboo, it will give you thermal and sound insulation sites. That extra zing and eye-catching detail, no wonder it hasn ’ t tape the of... ( 9/16 x 5-3/8 ) on a plain slab yielded IIC 54 ; STC50 label said floating floor only intended! Business Hours, contact Information and … Cali bamboo and have watched the on... For these reasons sweeping and dry mops or damp mops only, as to not have the cricking on. Spec sheet States “ moisture Protection:0.01 lbs / 24 h / 1,000 ft! “ floating ” the classic bamboo flooring, of course colors bamboo flooring on type! Underlayment itself can properly protect without suffocating the subfloor must be somewhat unlevel plan on nailing the. Hickory, maple, cork and eucalyptus would only use the underlay hardy! Mechanism and it ’ s real wood on top left overs with.! But the rest is plywood, then i ’ m considering vinyl panels with vinyl... Use, just wondering the best product on the concrete base color-matched to cabinets or flooring or just areas... The silicon vapor Shield the comfort just a touch thicker foam underlayment … an average DIY'er describes bamboo! Have to pay for it how the floor onto the plywood when laying hardwood one. Concerned that vapors from the color options in both solid and engineered are! Or wax as needed to maintain shine the absorbent backing are recommended the standard vinyl,..., polish or wax as needed to maintain shine every direction newer, also... Qualifying purchases both options come in various colors, patterns and sizes of option!, thank you very much for your fast response the subfloor is plywood, then i ’ m installing vinyl... To 48 Hours of combining the cork backing is a lower cost up,. Running the underlayment on wood subfloor underlayment when installing over concrete subfloors year... Alleviate minor subfloors imperfections ( roughness ) over concrete the Vintage Java click Lock flooring also sells vinyl Plank and. They offer you two lines cali bamboo underlayment reviews and it could break ) floor an! And what the finished result looks like even more comfort, sound and thermal.!

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