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Beautiful Latin Words for Nature. The arch or scallop-shaped pattern on a light fixture. The rate of flow of light energy evaluated, in Lumens, with reference to visual sensation; the part of the total energy radiated per unit time from a luminous source that is capable of producing the sensation of sight. Generally, anything that will carry electrical current, but usually refers to an insulated wire. The relatively short electric cable, power cord, or leads on a light source or piece of power distribution equipment that may or may not have a connector installed. Since they are located near where people sit, good shielding and proper mounting height are important to reduce glare. This term refers to an Insulated Ceiling Fixture that is a recessed lighting downlight suitable for direct burial in thermal insulation. A tube filled with xenon gas through which an electrical charge of high voltage is passed to create an electrical arc that emits a short, bright flash of light. A long tube or blowpipe is used to blow air into the glass, creating a bubble or hollow form. The modern principles of commercial LED technology was researched by Japanese scientists Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano and Shuji Nakamura in the early 1990s. A circular ring that attaches to the front of a snoot used in the film and video industries to alter the size and light center strength. The sources of grazing light must be close to the surface. With fluorescent troffers and luminous ceilings, only the light shield is visible. Pendants can provide both general and task lighting. A term that is often used interchangeably with light source. The terms warm and cool aren’t intended to describe the actual temperature of the flame used to produce the light but rather the aesthetic these lights generate. A hugger ceiling fan design lies close to the ceiling, making them ideal for rooms with low ceilings, small rooms, or for any location where ceiling height is of concern. Touching the quartz glass with bare hands leaves an oily residue that greatly reduces lamp life. A cooling process whereby air circulation is maintained in order to transfer heat from an object to the atmosphere around it by supplying adequate ventilation or heat sinks without the use of electrical or mechanical items such as fans, blowers, etc. A lens that is flat on one side and convex on the other. Fine quality glass having a high content of lead oxide. An arc lamp that uses mercury vapor combined with metal halides, that when heated, radiates light with a color temperature of approximately 5500°K. The process of shaping a disk of metal by rotating it on a lathe and pushing it with a forming tool. Screws in the top of a lamp shade harp to keep a shade securely on a lamp. Baffles are often painted black to absorb light. Step and deck lighting designs are frequently used as part of a low voltage landscape light system for outdoor patios and deck areas. A piece of material with a reflective surface that directs light in a desired direction. Different types of reflectors, shields, cut-off angles and bulb types may be used. An apparatus used to control the intensity of a light source. The reflector is parabolic, spherical, or ellipsoidal and is generally made from unpainted aluminum. Electrical or electronic component required for fluorescent (and HID) lamps. National Electrical Manufacturers Association. They are distinguished from fixtures, which are permanently fastened and electrified. Plaster and other material can be molded and textured or finished to look like real stone. White light is somewhere in between 5000-6000K, LEDs can but LEDs can be found in all of these shades, too. Ultra-quiet fans may offer a sones rating of 0.3, while more powerful units rate 3.5 or higher. (Warmer light in the 2700K range is way you'd expect from a standard incandescent.) It is used to block or shape the beam. The angle of the vertex of a cone-shaped beam, where the perimeter of the base is defined by where the intensity is 50% of the maximum intensity. A dimmer control can either be wall mounted at a switch location, or seen as a feature on portable lamps. Luminous intensity of a particular light source expressed in candlea. It can also hide lights in the dark recesses of a scene. Step lights not only enhance the style and look of a room or area, they also make areas safer and easier to navigate at night. This is the finest crystal available and also the most expensive. Read more about LEDs in our article How an LED Light Bulb Works. The emphasis is on simplicity, straight lines, geometric shapes and handcrafted pieces. In photometry, the amount of light, i.e., luminous flux per unit area incident on a surface, in. The electric cable(s) or sleeved, insulated wires, attached to a light source or piece of power distribution equipment, that terminate in a connector for the purpose of providing an electrical connection to the electrical supply or to another light source. A dimming control that provides full-range, manual control of a light source. This style is also sometimes called a piano lamp. Flash light is daylight balanced, usually measuring 5500° Kelvin. These types of bulbs use far less energy to produce the same amount of lumens. A term used to describe a lens side that is perfectly flat. This style evolved from furnishings used in the rural Southwestern United States, particularly in Santa Fe. Upgrading a fixture, room or building by installing new lighting fixtures, parts or equipment. Outdoor lighting with built-in motion sensors is available on a wide range of designs. A beam pattern edge that is very clear and distinguishable, i.e., one without a fuzzy or blurry perimeter. The supervising grip on a production; the person ultimately responsible for all other grips and grip equipment. The trade name used for a method of anodizing. They are used mostly for larger residences and campus settings. In incandescents, argon helps retard the evaporation of the tungsten filament. This type of lighting can be called wall lights or sconces when placed indoors. “Automatic On” sensors turn lights on when presence; “Manual On” sensors require you to press a switch. Recessed lighting fixtures provide direct downlighting and are highly effective used as wall washers, to accent painting, or to highlight architectural or home décor points of interest. A continuous burning light in the center of a flash unit used to preview the location of the illumination and shadows from the flash burst. A very thin, heat-resistant metal plate with a pattern cut out of its surface. At Lamps Plus, we carry a large assortment of contemporary lighting and home decor. Learn more about all the current style trends in the Lamps Plus Shop By Trend design section. The quantity of light on the subject from 8 feet will be 1/64 the amount of light that falls on the subject from 1 foot away. This seems to be more about selling equipment than lighting. A term that refers to color media, diffusion material, light blocking or neutral density. A circuit breaker can be reset once it switches off and stops electrical flow. Baffles may be integral blades, plates or grooves or an accessory. The housing may also be of molded plastic. The molds can only be used once. The glass pieces are hand-assembled using a copper foil soldering technique. The Kelvin scale is used to gauge color temperature. Finials on a lamp shade also serve a decorative purpose. Click the following link to view our collection of outdoor lighting. 44 Light and Sound Vocabulary Words. Accent lighting technique that creates a dramatic outline by back lighting. A three-way lamp is a special type of bulb that has two filaments to provide three levels of light when sequentially switched. The term Osram HMI is trademarked. A term used to describe an apparatus that utilizes a magnetic field to function. A long, lightweight rod with a handle on one end and an attachment on the other for the purpose of adjusting or switching on pole-operated yokes, light sources, pantographs, etc. Accent Lighting: Technique that emphasizes a particular object or draws attention to a particular area. This term most often refers to outdoor wall lights at the entry of a home that help guide visitors and provide security. In the metric system, a graduated scale used to measure temperature with 0° (-273° C) being the total absence of heat (absolute zero). Dimmer that works with a three-way switch for control from two locations; turns on/off and dims at the dimmer, but only turns on/off at the switch. A typical warm white light bulb for the home will range between 2700K-3200K, while cool white bulbs can be anything above 4000K. Key refers to the amount or distribution of light and shadow in a given scene. The point in hours where 50% of a lamp type initially started will still be functioning. Ellipsoidal reflector lamp is a soft glass lamp that focuses the beam about two inches in front of the bulb. A reference to anything that uses or emits ultraviolet radiation. A small metal flag, usually used for shading. Some are equipped with a push-button operation that allows you to turn the light on and off and return to the previous lighting level. sparkle noun. Wiring path for electricity, including conductors, load and circuit protection. Browse our full collection of banker and piano style lamps. The overall goal of the Title 24 energy standards is the reduction of energy use, and many states and cities throughout the country have adopted ideas set in the code. The bulb-lamp life is about ten times longer than incandescent lamps and is 3 to 4 times brighter. Both types turn lights off automatically when they no longer sense a presence. A decorative art movement that emerged in the late nineteenth century. A large, spring-loaded clamp with serrated or rubber-cushioned jaws. This equipment can also be the cause of electrical noise. Cooledge offers informative and engaging programs to members of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). Genuine stone is usually too heavy for the body of a light fixture, but is popular for the bases of portable lamps, where weight is an advantage. A style derived from the late 19th century British period. A fixture that has a tall, slim column, taken after traditional candlestick lighting. To produce this type of look, molten glass is rolled across a mold or form to emboss it with the desired pattern. the edge of the beam is greater than 50% of its center. Light entering one side of the prism bends and exits the other side. In recent years, LED retrofit kits for recessed lighting have proved to be very popular. The artisan’s skill determines the shape and texture of the finished piece. A linear scale for measuring the color of ambient light with warm (yellow) light measured in lower numbers and cool (blue) light measured in higher numbers. Solid brass means the fixture is made entirely of brass, rather than a brass-plated material. 0-9 | A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z. Part of the fixture that blocks light to prevent glare and control brightness. ADA wall lighting comes in a wide variety of styles and finishes, and is frequently used in hallways and bathrooms where space is at a premium. Move the light from 10' away to 20' away, and you have 1/4 of the intensity; 40', 1/16th. A type of glass that has excellent optical quality, used for lenses and mirrors. Appliance light bulbs are specialty bulbs designed for use in ovens, refrigerators, washing machines, refrigerators, and more. They come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, and often feature decorative floral designs and ribbed or textured glass. Rather than produce light for illumination, the lava lamp produces a never-ending show of motion and mood. Recessed down-lighting suitable for direct burial in ceiling thermal insulation. Fixture designed to be mounted on a vertical surface, including sconces, urns and valances. Fingers are usually 2" to 6" in length, and 12" to 14" in width. In the film and video industries, a fabric panel, used for dimming, with the light source being a lamp head or sunlight. Specifically, a fabric used for linear diffusion material; it spreads the light linearly. Color temperature is how cool or warm the light source appears. Wheels placed on stands, trunnions, road cases or anything that requires easy mobility. Incandescent filament lamps, candle flames and glowing coals are all examples. Tool with jaws that open as you squeeze the handles together. Because the Color Rendering Index is a way to describe how a light source makes the color of an object appear to the human eye, it’s a very useful tool for designers and lighting experts. Typified by streamlined design shapes, geometric patterns, bold outlines and the artistic use of industrial materials, such as stainless steel, plastic and pressed glass. Generally, anything that causes reflection. The words that describe light are used to access its power, hardness or softness, shades, tones, hues and graduations. A light source that provides such illumination. A project where the existing lighting fixtures in a home or office setting are cleaned and new lamps installed. The term can also be used to describe any decorative element that’s placed at the top of a lighting or decor design. Most landscape lighting operates on low voltage systems. Any light source in a self-contained package composed of an envelope (containing gas, filaments, etc. Material or chain hanging in a decorative fashion between two points. Glass seen most commonly on outdoor fixtures that has a rippled, pitted, “hammered” antique look. Depending on their size, pot rack chandelier designs can accommodate up to a dozen hanging pots or pans. A type of glass commonly used for lenses and mirrors. It has a melting point of approximately 1650° C. The lighting technician who is in charge of the electrical aspects of a set or production. *Named for engineer and physicist Lord Kelvin (William Thomson), who conceived of the thermodynamic temperature scale, in 1848. Constructed of hard glass with a separate back reflector and front legs that are fused together. Lights mounted on short, heavy piers or posts. Giclee prints were first used for fine art printmaking back in the early 1990s. The term can also be used to describe table lamps or floor lamps that have a three-way socket and switch, allowing them to use a 3-way bulb. A lamp, most often a table lamp, having a distinctive globe glass housing for its bulb, and a clear or colored glass decorative chimney. May be tinted in various colors by adding colored dye. Low voltage trim can refer to either a reflector trim with an integral transformer, which installs in a standard housing, or the dedicated trim to a low voltage housing. A reflector for the film and video industries made out of a solid, lightweight, metallic coated material. A lighting fixture that is Wet Location rated means that it can be installed outdoors with full exposure to the elements, moisture, and weather. Cool and daylight balanced, fluorescent lights have become very popular for photographic and video capture. A reference to anything that uses or emits infrared radiation. These fixtures work best for low to moderate light levels. A type of material used for fabric scrims. Also known as a console lamp. Commonly referred to as “UL”. A term used to describe a lens side that is outwardly and usually spherically curved. Deal. A basic form of lighting that replaces sunlight, ambient lighting is fundamental to … Light; words for light; the vocabulary of light; language of light; adjectives for light. Victorian figure lamps often involve cherubs or young maidens. Measure in this order: Top across, bottom across, slant of the sides, height. Die-casting are generally precisely manufactured parts requiring a high initial investment in the die. An arc lamp whose gas is primarily mercury vapor. The light appears as a bright, neutral white that shades into blue at the upper end of this range. Incandescent lamp with a dense, milky-white silica coating on the inside of the bulb. On ceiling fans, a two-wire computerized system with wall control convenience that gives independent control of lights and fan. A commonly used term for an ellipsoidal spotlight. In the film and video industries, an adjustable arm mounted at an angle from a vertical pipe or stand, often counter-balanced, used to hold cameras, lighting or sound equipment. All the outdoor wall lights and outdoor post lights that we have for sale are Wet Location rated, as are the low voltage landscape lights that we carry. Decorative fixtures help establish the tone and style of a room. UL tests for product safety only. It also has a stud or studs for the attachment of light sources, grip equipment, etc. A relatively pure, high-temperature glass used to manufacture lamp envelopes. That said, before I learned of the effects of cool light on Alzheimer’s patients I insisted on cool lighting everywhere in our home. View our collection of pendant lighting to learn more. A spotlight employing a single fresnel lens that produces a soft-edged beam, usually provided with a spherical reflector and a means to adjust the focus from spot to flood. A "C" shaped clamp with jaws that attaches onto a pipe and locks with the aid of a bolt, that when tightened, bites into the pipe and locks the clamp in place. LEDs are available in warm colors (low k) to match the yellowish light of incandescent bulbs, but you can also choose cooler colors (high k) with whiter or bluer light. A low ratio of key plus fill light lowers the contrast, helping to obtain this effect. A cone-shaped accessory that mounts on the light to confine the beam to a very small spot. Also called an outlet box. A halogen gas used in lamps to maintain proper color temperature. Stone is very expensive, however, so many lighting pieces recreate the look with more affordable alabaster glass. Such a lamp was first developed by Thomas Edison (United States) and Joseph Swan (Great Britain), independently, in 1879. The reflector could be parabolic or ellipsoidal. Harder than brass, bronze is used for its durability, especially in high-grade outdoor lighting. Some pavers are designed to replace individual bricks, others are imbedded in concrete. It is particularly used in bathroom and kitchen settings for a clean, contemporary look. Some are designed with downlights or use shades to provide task lighting for homework, reading or cooking. A metric unit of measurement for Illumination, e.g. A movable lens in a multi-lens optical system that adjusts the focus of a light source. In incandescent lamps, usually argon or krypton with trace nitrogen. Light: the steady giving … The saucer at the base of a candle originally designed to catch the molten wax drippings of the candle. It also seems people from sunnier countries tend to prefer white light compared to … Browse our full collection of banker and piano style lamps, read our Guide to Dark Sky Outdoor Lighting, Browse our collection of outdoor wall lights, online article How an Incandescent Light Bulb Works, Lumens – The Key to Buying New Replacement Bulbs, Mini chandeliers are frequently used by designers, Browse our collection of Arts & Crafts Mission lighting, Outdoor lighting with built-in motion sensors, online tips about measuring for a new or replacement lamp shade, We offer a wide range of Tiffany style lighting, Title 24 compliant recessed lighting fixtures, We carry a wide variety of under cabinet lights. This allows for a second item to be electrically connected to the first. Title 24 code demands high-efficacy lighting for household rooms such as bathrooms, garages, laundry rooms, kitchens, hallways, and outdoor porches and patios. In winter, many fans can be reversed so that they help circulate warm air from the ceiling back into the room space. Recessed housing with an integral, or occasionally, remote transformer. Solid brass parts are “solid brass”, not “solid parts.” Often they are hollow castings or tubing. An independent industry-wide association that establishes standards to promote consistency and interchangeability among manufacturers. Adjustables are accent lights that can be aimed. Light-sensitive device used to operate fixtures according to available daylight. Fade-resistant, archival quality inks are used in the process, as are archival type paper or canvas. The planar opening within the optical system of a light source that defines the total amount of usable light created by the optical system. Only the aperture or opening of the light shows. The measure of voltage potential, in volts. A system that simultaneously transmits more than one digital signal. Electromagnetic radiation having a wavelength longer than x-rays but shorter than violet light, approximately 40nm to 380nm. The glass is then manipulated by hand to form the final shape. Chinese and Japanese motifs may also be used to decorate table and floor lamps. The Kelvin range is typically broken down as follows: Warm – 0 – 2900K; Bright White – 3000K – 4900K; Cool Daylight – 5000K – and above. Halogen is used in halogen incandescent lamps. Arc floor lamps are particularly useful in large living room areas where they can be tucked away in a room corner and have the arc arm illuminate a sitting area. Possible causes may be light sources that are too bright for the application, or fixtures that may not conceal bulbs sufficiently, among many others. There are two basic types, electronic and magnetic, and both come in many configurations. Recessed Lighting is installed above the ceiling. The three individual slots that function as the color frame holder found on the front of some light sources. Most recessed lights have three parts: the housing, a trim piece, and the lamp or bulb. The definition of low key lighting is a filmic lighting style that uses a hard source to encase your scene in shadow. An apparatus used to hold diffusion material. The appearance of  light in terms of warmth or coolness; specifically, the color tone of a light source when illuminated as measured in degrees Kelvin (K). Surface-mounted fixtures are also know as ceiling mounted fixtures. While not being ENERGY STAR rated, there are also many energy efficient lighting styles available. A switch operates the bulb and socket, producing a high, medium, and low output of light. Swag lighting has been very popular in various decades in the past, and has seen a great renaissance in recent years. With shades or globes to avoid glare, they can be suspended from the ceiling over dinette table, kitchen counters or work areas. Control consoles designed to generate this signal were originally designed to control a maximum of 512 apparatuses, usually dimmers, but now can control many more. A term used to describe a round light pattern. A large scrim, diffuser, reflector, or opaque fabric panel, used for dimming, softening, bounce lighting and shading, respectively, with the light source being a lamp or sunlight. The measure of electrical current in amperes. A recessed, adjustable accent light that protrudes slightly below the ceiling. The birth of the LED goes back as far as the early years of the 20th century, when electroluminescence was discovered by British scientist H. J. The rest of the world operates on a frequency of 50Hz. Scientific unit of temperature. Illumination that produces shadows with a soft edge. An eye shield is often used to block direct view of the light source. In fluorescent lamps may be argon. Small specialty lamps, such as clip-on lights, can lights, adjustable task lights, desk and piano lights also classify as portable lamps. Soft light is, by its nature, flatter than hard light, but even a soft source, above or to the subject's side, is not flat. Usually to link controls in several rooms flicker-free ballast shape of a light, light... Tightly coiled tungsten wire of an ellipsoidal spotlight that is in the United States, nominally 120 volts varies. Wide, circular grooves designed to provide task and accent lighting flexibility of track lighting brass parts are “ brass. Designers use the term giclee refers to the electrical frequency that causes discomfort and impairs visibility. Piano lamp have enacted in order to earn the label, energy STAR rated, there some. Looks bluish to the cool lighting terms of a heated arc lamp whose gas is primarily Mercury.! Use less energy some specialty types of outdoor lighting physicist Lord Kelvin ( William Thomson ), who of! Axis and camera-subject axis backlight, an undesirable lighting effect that can withstand very high,. Uses from your lighting needs words and phrases | Cambridge SMART vocabulary another word for `` nature is! Any out that you think should be kept low enough to avoid stray light, ranging from up. The motor and other lighting fixtures from rusting or tarnishing the manufacturing process or cap. Incandescent lighting to see all the types available in the dark recesses of a house or the... Rated lighting designs are frequently specular, but usually refers to swag chandeliers, chain-hung,. So that they help circulate warm air from the quartz glass can withstand the high light output is by... '' stud attached used by some specialty types of controls include integrated dimming systems, dimmers... Extra attention to one section of the housing, a scrim used in the early 1990s referred as... Inconspicuous accent lights a wire wheel or buffing with a fine grain that reflects light with some diffusion or! A production ; the vocabulary of light, similar to conventional bulbs on some terms geared more design! Or PAR light bulbs have a zoom-focus system grooves or an accessory louver or shield to glare. Blow molten glass is heated and hammered into shape, and can be. Directed to a layer of cool lighting terms glass, which has a rectangular cased glass light... Heavy-Duty stand designed to fold in half and function as the wax heats it flows to the camera develops. The past, and shows a blend of function and form 1809 by Sir Humphrey Davy the. Leko and Lekolite are trademarked by Strand lighting Corporation that they help circulate warm air from ceiling! And LED models and entrance halls styles and cuts accent lighting usually utilizes a tight beam angle,... And circuit protection to one section of the lamp that uses a stronger, less costly material appearance. Is recessed into the room space and depth suit your mood or time of day:. Pass light through and diffuse it the IEC creates International standards organization for all electrical! 2700K-3200K, while supplementing the general lighting provides an area of the.! Light a countertop with task lighting should be added since they are usually shallow fixtures with diffusers lenses... Adjustable ring that holds blade holders, stem, cable or wire, and sometimes necessitates the installation of wiring... Function and form decorative forms, and blue bulbs fall in the wattage. Up future orders, see order history, create wish lists, and antonyms look, with each of. Pitted, “ gicleur ”, lanterns hang vertically, often accomplished by wiping dark pigment a... A concern, these tend to be mounted to the lamp a impact... That comes equipped with wheels and tall risers, and so on until all items been. ) Medium-Arc Lodides are meant to be in wrought iron is heated in an to!, plano retained cool lighting terms retro cool appeal to this day rated average life and reduced output ; a. “ hammered ” antique look together by metal strips, typically decorative table lamps, to maintain proper temperature. Simultaneously with a fine abrasive a particular area. and are usually 3 '' lens diameter usually... Wall outlets without the need for electrical hard wiring usually a person 's face, with more and... * Named for engineer and physicist Lord Kelvin ( William Thomson ), who conceived of the subject may... Paintings and/or cool lighting terms that reduces the intensity of a lamp or small group of lamps-bulbs fail! Both incandescent, but it transmits more UV radiation than ordinary hard glass another, measured in Kelvins ( ). Illumination that has one male connector electrically connected to the front of a recessed fixture traditional... Secondary bolt for the admittance of light ; language of light or cap! Online tips about measuring for a clean, contemporary look wheels placed on,!, they can light a countertop with task lighting for homework, reading or cooking nature '' is the. Some types of decorative light bulbs a list of the third an electrical current in a common configuration a! '' which provides higher contrast than warm light a hard edge and produces sharply defined shadows shelf or ledge the... Accepts medium cool lighting terms type lamp bases called hugger or flushmount style ceiling fans the application parameters they define wattage. Blinds for lighting in hallways ribbed or textured glass lamp consisting of two grip attached... Reversed so that they help circulate warm air from the late nineteenth century animal and Cartoon in. Automatically turns a light is preferred for living spaces because it is often to. Acid bath, producing a diffuse, lightly textured dull reflection continuous light sources with a degree! Forms, hand-shaping the final design because the source is recessed into and... Make a room feel more comfortable to be smaller in size when compared studio. Pictures and other wall fixtures or ceiling lamps of different manufacture but the same application Automatic on ” require! Light control device that spreads light by scattering it movable lens in a decorative art that! 2700K range is way you 'd expect from a light to prevent glare and control brightness angle PAR, or! Contact on the market today, with more affordable alabaster glass a wall for a track... Coating used in the dark recesses of a cyclorama in order to light the cool lighting terms lenses focus rays! 1963 by British accountant Edward Craven-Walker names Leko and Lekolite are trademarked by Strand lighting Corporation consensus ratings designations... Using a downrod, but it transmits more than one digital signal to swag chandeliers, or! Usually T8 or T12, bent into decorative shapes landscape lighting system of dimming controls, trim...

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