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Fields of the query show in Excel allowing me to build the pivot table, however no data comes through. See screenshot below. I tried to refresh the query after edit some data from. how do i fix this? How To Group Pivot Table Dates The only thing that i could find on the Microsoft Knowledgebase that was similar related to queries with parameters. In the tables on the right are always multiple values in a row, which makes them pretty wide (especially if you have many years or countries): This table format is called the wide format, or unstacked data. Dear Mynda, I loaded my data from a folder into a pivot table. No, it's not an appropriate title as it's far too generic. Rest assured, there’s plenty more that you can do with pivot tables that we weren’t able to touch on when we were covering just the nuts and bolts. Next, I asked my friend to confirm that the pivot table was connected to the correct table – there were a couple of other tables in the workbook. I also noticed that if I follow the same process but use a table as the data source rather than a query the pivot table does populate with data. Problems obtaining data. Re: obtaining data. ... / Problems Obtaining data | Power Query | Excel Forum. If you used that term to search it's no wonder you didn't find your answer. when i create a pivot table and select the date field, it doesn't pull the data in as Dec 12, 2018, etc. "Problems obtaining data" Running the SQL query on the Microsoft SQL Server database to get the data manually works without issues. I inserted a Pivot Table in Excel 2007 using a query in Access 2007 as the external data source. The same pivot table query/refresh works without issue when the data is retrieved using a different date range criteria when doing the select. When you reply "OK" to the message the refresh continues. I have tried creating artificially simple queries and new simple tables (in different database files), but always the same message. Randomly throughout the day a message window will appear from Excel which says "Problems obtaining data". My Courses; Login ☰ Menu. Microsoft Office Online Training. Problems Obtaining data | Power Query | … Figure 4 – Setting up the Pivot table. second screen shot is how i need and it should be pulling the date field data. Each value sits in an own row. Help. This table format is called the long format, or narrow format, or tall format, or stacked data, or tidy data.. Pivot Table Sorting Problems In some cases, the pivot table … Continue reading "Excel Pivot Table Sorting Problems" I paste the SQL that I use in Enterprise Mgr directly into MS Query. Strange. Thinks about it. it pulls the data into the pivot as year, and quarter. Usually, it's easy to sort an Excel pivot table – just click the drop down arrow in a pivot table heading, and select one of the sort options. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot? When I ask MS Query to return the data to Excel, I get this message: "Problems Obtaining Data." Occasionally though, you might run into pivot table sorting problems, where some items aren't in A-Z order. My Online Training Hub. After that, we will assign Date and Products to the Rows label as well as the Sales to the Values section; Figure 3 – Pivot Table Fields. Attempting to build a pivot table using external data, connecting to a Microsoft SQL Server. The pivot tables are the basis for two charts which are displayed 24/7 for the most part and are used to monitor a major computer application. Pivot table unable to obtain data from sql server is much better and I will change it to that now. I have created Pivot Tables in the past on similar queries without this problem. When I execute the query, the dataset is displayed in MS Query - all 107,000 records. Figure 2 – Setting up the Data. Look at you go! A PivotTable, cube function or slicer using connection has failed to refresh. Confirm the Data Source. This will clear the undo stack which houses all the updates to your pivot tables, allowing you to undo them, if you do this in-between refershes it may help you keep memory usage in control. So the data was in the source table, but not in the pivot table. You've familiarized yourself with the basics of using pivot tables to summarize your data, and now you feel like you're ready to tackle some advanced pivot table techniques. Then, she refreshed the pivot table again, and still no luck. first screen shot is how it's pulling the date field. "Obtaining Data" could be used loosely describe 1000 of different problems. Lastly, we will create our pivot table by selecting Insert, then Pivot Table. Fun fact: The table on the left is pretty long.

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