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Ice King is a frequent antagonist and occasional ally of Finn and Jake who kidnaps princesses throughout to forcefully marry them, Princess Bubblegum being his usual target. The Empress | Flame King | Eventually, having done his best not to use the crown except as a last resort, he realized he would become a threat to Marceline and wrote a letter to apologize for no longer helping her and for whatever wrong he might do with the crown possessing him. Well, without Ice King coming to … The Ice King (real name: Simon Petrikov) is the central antagonist and pentagonist of the Cartoon Network series Adventure Time. However, he can be a loving and selfless person as revealed in "Princess Monster Wife". Ice King is a recurring antagonist-turned-supporting protagonist of the series, and is 1,043 years old. Ruling the Ice Kingdom.Writing "Fionna and Cake" stories. ", and even confuses him with BMO, as seen in the events of "Mystery Dungeon". He then comforted her by giving her a teddy bear from a destroyed toy shop. He used ingredients to make Icey namely; the last remaining hair on his head, crystallized sugar, thee different spices, everything ice and Gunter … Maja the Sky Witch | Afterwards, the Ice King was seen in his castle explaining the story to Muscle Princess (whom he had her feet frozen in ice). He wore glasses along with a tuxedo. Finn yelled jumping high into the air, feet ready to hit their target. It was also called "one of the most touching stories this series has ever told" by The A.V. Peace Master | From the information given in "Holly Jolly Secrets Part II", Simon was deeply trustworthy, loving, and had a fiancé, Betty. The Ice King's obsession with kidnapping princesses, aside from his desire for companionship, might be from a desire to feel the love that he once had with with his fiancé Betty, as he referred to Betty as "my princess" on his video tape. He began to lose his mind as he began to wear the crown, deteriorating in both mind and body over the years into his current state. In "Betty," after a demon negated powers from wizards, including the Ice King, his crown became useless and he turned back to Simon. Again. Ice King Princess Bubblegum, sterilizing cartoon characters PNG size: 821x973px filesize: 244.27KB Ice King Finn the Human Marceline the Vampire Queen Jake the Dog Princess Bubblegum, adventure time PNG size: 900x1406px filesize: 125.54KB Fern | Xergiok | In the mini-episode, "The Wand", he actually helps Finn and Jake regardless of the fact that Finn said to "sacrifice" himself, but unbeknownst of the fact that it also changed his face. He has a long beard and blue skin (most likely from frostbite) and a blue robe that makes his body look big, though he is really skinny. Due to his poor social skills, enduring short attention span and arrogant nature, Ice King is unable to attract any of his prisoners and often resorts to a forced marriage instead of the loving relationship he desires. Squirrel | Ice Princess is the daughter of Ice King. The character, originally earning mixed reception, was considered to widely improve later in the show, mainly for the reveal of his tragic backstory, and his development into a more complex character facing mental illness and social isolation. His misunderstood intentions may either be in question or may just stem from his lunacy. As it turned out, this was due to a subconscious memory from his time as Simon centuries earlier. Tiffany Oiler | The Ice King seems to have a bad habit of threatening others to do his bidding. Abraham Lincoln is modeled closely after the real-life Abraham Lincoln. Destiny Gang | In "The Eyes", he takes on the disguise of a horse to spy on Finn and Jake in an effort to learn how to be so happy, but this fails as well. As Simon Petrikov, he was a human man with olive skin and dark brown hair. The flowers screamed in agnonizing torturous pain while they were getting plucked with glee (AN: LOL, like that piece of crap show! Crimes Ying Kong Shi (A.K.A Shi , Sword Fairy Shi , Favourite Brother ) is a prince of the Immortal Ice-Fire Tribe and a younger brother of Ka Suo. This theory, while highly plausible, remains unconfirmed given that it's unknown whether he referred to Betty as such before his crown started sapping at his sanity. Kidnapping and collecting princesses.Ruling the Ice Kingdom.Writing "Fionna and Cake" stories. As revealed in "Holly Jolly Secrets", the crown came to Petrikov when he bought it from a dock worker in northern Scandinavia. The Ice King is grounded for four weeks after Finn and Jake upset one of his schemes to kidnap Breakfast Princess. Business Men | Ice King's crown bestows him with numerous powers in exchange for his sanity, most of which involve ice and snow. Kee-Oth | His vulnerability as a human was most evident just before he permanently became the Ice King. A Christmas-themed episode ("Holly Jolly Secrets . Aside from the actual imprisonment, their only protests seem to be that they don't like him and he occasionally could become possessive and slightly creepy. Finn and Jake faint from the shock of seeing her, leading Princess Monster Wife to inquire as to who th… [13] Sometime before the Mushroom War, Petrikov discovered the Enchiridion and then, 996 years before the events of the series, became a guardian to a young Marceline whom he gradually referred to as Gunter as his sanity deteriorated. Simon and Finn then escape while Betty remains in GOLB's stomach and sacrifices herself by using the restored crown to merge herself with the entity so that the new GOLB can leave Ooo in peace. Princess Cookie | He can also animate beings of ice and snow, like the Ice-o-pede and snowman soldiers. Though in earlier episodes the Ice King was portrayed as short-tempered, argumentative, and disagreeable, due to his main antagonistic role, he is merely a nuisance and "isn't usually a serious threat", according to Princess Bubblegum. He also doesn't wear his famed stovepipe hat. Although his robe gives him the appearance of a fat and small/short man, Ice King's body is in fact exceptionally thin and tall. The Ice King is the lonely and of the Ice Kingdom. [5] stated "it's sort of amazing how Adventure Time has transformed the Ice King from an irritating antagonist to one of the most tragic figures on television". Wendy, Booboo and Georgy | Plot. Betty Grof | Candy Zombies | Uncle Gumbald | She also wears a blue short sleeved ball gown, and light and dark blue shoes. Hunson Abadeer | Ice King | Simon agonized over abandoning Marceline in a dangerous world due to his deteriorating sanity. King Princess Take in Brooklyn multi-instrumentalist King Princess' smooth vocals and pop beats as she performs tracks that explore queer independence and the complexities of … Sometime during the Great Mushroom War before Simon became Ice King, he met a young Marceline in the middle of the wreckage. Providing everything from 14K gold to diamond hip hop earrings, our line of products continue to provide that iconic bling bling look that remains popular within street wear urban fashion. He is hated by Finn, Jake, the princesses, and even by. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Fool | One day Finn finds her and it takes a surpising turn of events. Outside of cryokinesis, the character is also able to fly by using his beard, parting and flapping it like a pair of wings to stay aloft. AbductionsFalse imprisonmentBrainwashingAttempted forced marriageUnknowing infectionStalkingKidnappingNegligenceHiring a hitmanCheatingAttempted cataclysm (non-canon). II") revealed the tragic backstory about the Ice King by a video. [15][16] Both episodes were selected by as two of the show's best 10 episodes (in no specific order). The Ice King is a misunderstood, lonely, and sad being who only hopes of marrying a princess. He is shown to cherish his fan characters more than the real-life characters, and in "Mystery Dungeon", he tries to bring the characters to life, but he fails. Click to watch more Adventure Time: it out, it’s our brand new, algebraic, Adventure Time official YouTube channel! Make your own Ice King or Princess Bubblegum crown that will light up and make sounds when you tilt your head! He was voiced by Tom Kenny, who also played Heffer in Rocko's Modern Life, Dog in CatDog, SpongeBob SquarePants, Gary the Snail, Patchy the Pirate and the French Narrator in SpongeBob SquarePants, Chester in Kids Next Door and The Mayor and The Narrator in The Powerpuff Girls, Scoutmaster Lumpus, Slinkman and a Weasel in Camp Lazlo, and Commander Peepers in Wander Over Yonder. Although Ice King is characterized by these traits, Simon's personality is completely the opposite: he was known for his intelligence, kindness, and self-sacrifice. Over the many years, his crown has made him insane, affecting his social skills and causing him to unintentionally do bad things. Ice King may be a delusional stalker/kidnapper, but does anyone ever try to find him companions the way Finn, Jake and Princess Bubblegum try repeatedly with Lemongrab? They have had a consistently strained relationship since Marceline's childhood, culminating in him eating her fries when she was a pre-teen, whereafter Marceline felt that he didn't care about her. Grassy Wizard | Fire Count | His Ice Kingdom was also melting. Later seasons unveil his tragic backstory, revealing he was once a good human named Simon Petrikov who lost his mind, memories and loved ones due to the magic crown giving him his ice powers, but afterwards in the finale episode "Come Along with Me", Ice King regains his memory after being attacked by GOLB. Hey Ice King! It resulted with the two being swallowed by GOLB with Finn jumping in after them as Simon is reverted to his original sane self. King Huge | Fear Feaster | You only wanted the one thing you couldn't have, a good night's rest. Sometime before the Mushroom War, Ice King was a normal, olive-skinned, dark-haired human named Simon Petrikov studying to be an antiquarian (a specialist in the knowledge of ancient artifacts). [14] After completely losing his mind, the character ends up in the company of penguins. Battle Cubes | He put the crown on his head for a laugh, which made him do something so terrible (of which he had no memory) that Betty left him. Ice King is a menacing but largely misunderstood ice wizard whose crown is the source of his ice powers. Ice King is harmless and nonviolent in nature, and only kidnaps princesses and steals out of desperation. On the day of the song, and visual, release, KP spoke to The Line Of Best Fit about the inspiration of the The Guardian | Find a princess and marry her.Become Finn and Jake's new best friend.Get lots of friends. "Huh what was that, ugh." These powers and abilities are directly tied to the crown, however, and its removal will strip him of all his abilities until he puts it back on. Warren Ampersand. One day, he bought a crown and went to show it to his fiancee Betty, whom he dubbed "Princess." In "Bad Little Boy", it is revealed that he had made ice sculptures of Fionna and Cake along with writing many other fan-fiction stories. After putting the crown on, his eyes turned white and his appearance slowly began to change to that of the Ice King's. He also tried to find her soup after finding out that she was sick, though he had to protect her from unknown creatures. Shoko | Dr. Sir Slicer | Sno-King’s Snoqualmie Arena is a 72,500 square foot twin-sheet ice arena that includes two NHL size ice sheets, a lobby/viewing area, a mezzanine area with seating and viewing areas, twelve locker rooms, a dry land training area and gathering spaces for parties and meetings. [4], Novelist Lev Grossman, in an interview with NPR, praised the backstory of the Ice King and the exploration of his condition, noting that his origin is "psychologically plausible". Finn later develops for his nemesis, because he knew that he was once human. Ice King said, clamping his hands together. The Lich | Unlike most characters, his hands have five fingers. Ice King … However, this episode is considered non-canon the series. Ash | After the episode "Lady & Peebles", Princess Bubblegum makes a new heart for Ice King made out of Ricardio's sinews, toffee and maracas. He also stated "My dad has been going through having Alzheimer's, and he's forgotten so much about who he used to be. In later episodes, due to no longer acting as a main antagonist, he is portrayed as more and having a sense of humor, particularly due to considering Finn and Jake his "friends" after the events of "What Have You Done?". Originally depicted as a two-dimensional, humorously over-the-top villain trying to kidnap Princess Bubblegum on a regular basis, the character's personality was subsequently expanded, revealing him to be a kind-hearted but misunderstood old man with completely twisted senses of morality and social behavior, suffering from loneliness and memory loss. He has with the penguins of the Ice Kingdom, though. Gareth | He then begins to slowly lose his sanity and look more and more like the "Ice King". Two major differences from his real-life appearance are that, in the show, he has the ability to float, like Marceline, and he has a yellow light surrounding his head (only in the animated short). In later episodes, Ice King started to respect Finn and Jake and becoming their new best friend by any means necessary has become one of his new goals. After finishing the crown, arranging it to imprint its original bearer's mind while granting the user their deepest desire, Evergreen ends up being incapacitated and is forced to entrust his apprentice Gunther to wear the crown to have him destroy the meteor in his place. A devastated Simon eventually moved on from Betty's sacrifice while Gunther takes over the Ice Kingdom in his stead after using Evergreen's Crown to become the Ice Thing. Though initially the main antagonist, his role has shifted into a tragic villain/anti-hero. Demon Cat | Scorcher | Little Dude | Simon Ice King’s desire for “princesses” stems from half-remembered echoes of Simon’s old girlfriend, Betty. Gnome Ruler | 'Is he trying to take all the hearts of Princesses, just like he stole all their body parts, not on my watch.' Club, and "the finest entry in the series' history" by IndieWire. Fortunately, there was no shortage of them around Ooo as there were more than he could shake a stick at. When he briefly had a wife, he actually treated her with great care and love. Me-Mow | Though (in earlier episodes) the Ice King was portrayed as short-tempered, argumentative, and disagreeable, due to his main antagonistic role, he is merely a nuisance and "isn't usually a serious threat", according to Princess Bubblegum. Find the latest in streetwear jewelry, hip hop style chains, bling earrings, bracelets, pendants, watches & more at King Ice. And I look at him and think this cartoon is about my father dying. Gunter is the name the Ice King gives to all of his penguin servants, yet he pronounces it differently depending on the penguin's personality. Death | Fire Kingdom | Ricardio | [9] Charlie Jane Anders of io9 called the episode "one of the most intense things I've seen in ages". Bucket Knight | He is a lowly villain and was easily defeated by his own heart, Ricardio. Furnace | After Finn watched his girlfriend, Flame Princess (voiced by Jessica DiCicco) and Ice King (voiced by Tom Kenny) fight, he has a strange dream that gives him a sense of pleasure; however, he is not able to finish it before he wakes up.Upon awakening, he realizes that the Cosmic Owl (voiced by M. Emmet Walsh) was in the vision, which Jake interprets to mean that the reverie was prophetic. Ice King was going and kidnapping princesses again. Princess Bubblegum is the sovereign of the Candy Kingdom and a sentient piece of gum. Simon Petrikov In the later episodes, he often tried to be best friends with Finn and Jake, as well as other individuals as well. His ice-based magic abilities come from a magical crown he wears, which directly causes his insanity. A supposedly evil wizard capable of creating and manipulating ice and snow, he is the self-proclaimed king of the Ice Kingdom, a land of ice he claimed as his own where he lives in the company of many penguins. Ice King He sits atop a throne that is engrave… Marceline Abadeer | Tree Witch | He has been labelled as a "sociopath" by the Cosmic Owl, though his personality seems more akin to a person with narcissistic personality disorder, as he still feels humiliation and guilt. Why-Wolves | He took on a very responsible role in Marceline's life, by not only protecting her and keeping her healthy, but also by teaching her right from wrong and keeping her spirits high (as seen in "Simon & Marcy"). Delusional Monarch, CryomancyThrowing frozen lightning boltsAbility to create snow monstersFlightAstral vision. Simon, as a rule, was known for being optimistic even at the worst of times and it is clearly one of Simon's most notable and outstanding attributes. The Ice King may be a misunderstood man who just wants attention and a companion. The crown survived the event and would continue its first owner's wish to turn future users into insane parodies of Evergreen. Darren the Ancient Sleeper | Evergreen told him to try to use a concentration spell to snap out of it, only to realize too late that he never taught him any magic. Ice Princess' appearance bears much resemblance to a younger Ice Queen from the fan-fiction story of the Ice King. Even when they were in great danger, Simon struggled to keep Marceline happy and helped her to always see the best of their situation. He appears as the main antagonist of seasons 1-3 and an anti-villain/protagonist for the remainder of the show. Ice King is a frequent antagonist and occasional ally of Finn and Jake who kidnaps princesses throughout to forcefully marry them, Princess Bubblegum being his usual target. Origin The Ice King is a fictional character in the American animated television series Adventure Time. His condition worsened after his fiancée Betty was spirited into his future, which played a role in his subconscious need for princesses. Adam Muto (born July 19, 1980) is an American writer, director and storyboard artist, known for his work as the executive producer and showrunner of the animated television series Adventure Time This was first seen in "I Remember You", where he does not seem to remember his past as Simon Petrikov, even though he saw the history (after he found the crown) in "Holly Jolly Secrets Part II". Type of Villain Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?!! [12] Despite this, he is still capable of causing harm to others (whether intentionally or unintentionally). Later on, he does not remember who Neptr is, even though he was the one that wanted Neptr to accept as his father in Neptr's debut, "What is Life? Ice King seems to find his happiness in his own Imagination Zone, and it is clear that he would rather live in his Imagination Zone than in the real world. They go to Finn and Jake for help and the duo promise to help. The most notable of them is named Gunter, revealed to be an alien forced into a penguin-like form, while Ice King calls other penguins different variations of Gunther. ", "Why 'Adventure Time' Is the Best Sci-Fi Show on TV Right Now", "10 essential episodes of Adventure Time", "Character Facts of the Week: Ice King from Adventure Time". Adventure Time He wears a dark blue tunic and has a lengthy white beard that covers most of his body. Due to the insanity brought by wearing the crown, Ice King seems to have a limited memory. Despite rarely meaning harm, Ice King is still potentially very dangerous due to his power and his unstable mind which warps his sense of morality and socially acceptable behavior. He also has a power called Wizard Eyes, which makes him see strange things and puts him at risk, and he is not fully conscious while he uses this power. In the second half of the series, Betty makes attempts to restore Simon's mind before she is forced to summon the entity GOLB in the series finale "Come Along With Me." Sometime before The Great Mushroom War, the Ice King was Simon Petrikov, a young glasses-wearing human who was working to be an antiquarian. Ice King showing off his Demonic Wishing Eye. The Hierophant | Ice King's main obsession was kidnapping princesses. The Ice King wants to find a woman who would want to marry him, and help to rule his kingdom. Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know! The Ice King frequently steals princesses throughout Ooo to forcefully marry them, Princess Bubblegum being his usual target. He constantly kidnaps princesses (including Princess Bubblegum) in hopes that one of them would marry him, even if he has to threaten them with death. He wears a black suit with a black bow tie. In later episodes, due to no longer acting as a main antagonist, he is portrayed as more genial, easy-going and having a sense of humor from time to time, particularly due to considering Finn and Jake his "friends" after the events of "What Have You Done?". He sometimes helps the main characters and is the protagonist of several episodes focusing on his struggles or backstory. He is also capable of creating various weapons or structures out of ice. However, Simon, nearing the very end of his humanity feared for his own life, worried that as the crown took him from Marceline, no one would be able to "save him". The Moon | In the episode, "What is Life?," he wanted NEPTR (Never Ending Pie Throwing Robot) to be his son, but he failed. Goals Full Name AMO | Some of Simon's innermost thoughts and fears of his inevitable madness were revealed in left to Marceline revealed in "I Remember You". It was a beutiful day in the feelds of OoOoo when 13-yaer old Princes Bubler Gum was picking pretty flowers. As long as he has not found that companion, however, he continues to kidnap a wide variety of princesses and trap them in his Ice Kingdom. Gross | Possibly, the Ice King's final main antagonistic role was in the episode "A Glitch is a Glitch", where he unleashed a virus that would delete everything in the world except him and Princess Bubblegum. Perhaps Simon would if he were still around. The promo art shows Ice King coming out of a hat shop, where he may have gotten all the hats he used when impersonating people in the episode. ). Earl of Lemongrab | However, since he had his ice powers (which made him immortal) for 1,000 years, Simon started dying and he and Marceline tried to track down Betty. From Adventure Time! "Hey Ice King, eat my sneakers." MaleficAbductionsFalse imprisonmentBrainwashingAttempted forced marriageUnknowing infectionStalkingKidnappingNegligenceHiring a hitmanCheatingAttempted cataclysm (non-canon) ImmortalityCryomancyThrowing frozen lightning boltsAbility to create snow monstersFlightAstral vision They immediately go see Ice King, who denies doing anything at first, but reveals that he did in fact steal the princesses body parts to create Princess Monster Wife. Grass Demon | Mutants | Ice King is a blue-skinned man with unusually pointy fingers, pointy toes, sharp teeth, and a long, goblin-like nose. Ghost Man | He has a small gold crown with three red jewels that help him to bring monsters made of snow to life or fly using his beard. Hunson is Marceline's biological father. Guardians of Sunshine | Goliad | Lumpy Space Princess | Ice Queen | In "Fionna and Cake", he is shown reading his gender-swapped fan fiction Finn and Jake, based on the events and characters in the actual world. He created her along with Gunter so he could finally have a princess for his own, and a daughter. Her hair is wavy with curls instead of shaggy like her father's. She wears a small gold tiara with red gems and a neck band encrusted with a single blue gem in the center. However, in the episode "Loyalty to the King", when he does have the opportunity to marry many princesses, he secretly plots to make an elite army of wives to take over the world with. He can cast ice lightning to freeze or strike targets, and can summon blizzards at will to cover the land in snow. Originally the main antagonist, he has become a major supporting character. KING 5's Craig Herrera explains how black ice forms. The Ice King Vampire King | Despite the Ice King's more antagonistic role, he plays the part of a protagonist in "Mortal Recoil", as he helps Finn and Jake defeat Princess Bubblegum by freezing her Lich-possessed body. Ice King's crown, the source of his powers, was created in the prehistoric past by an ice elemental named Urgence Evergreen to avert a meteor from hitting the planet. Even while being saddled with a great burden, Simon fought an apocalyptic world while fighting the influence of the Ice Crown. [6][7][8] The episode "Simon & Marcy" was also widely praised for its emotional writing. In "I Remember You," it was revealed that Simon Petrikov had discovered the Enchiridion at some point in his career, wit… Gnome Fairies | But having never been taught magic by Evergreen, Gunther ended up wishing to be more like his mentor from his perspective, transformed into a clone of Evergreen and is unable to stop the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event. “1950,” released on February 3, 2018, is King Princess’s debut song. Bandit Princess | Hobby Each year the Ice King, Finn, Jake, Marceline, Princess Bubblegum, Lumpy Space Princess, Lady Rainicorn, Peppermint Butler, Cinnamon Bun, Mr. Alpha Hug Wolf | Afterwards, Betty jumped into the present and decided to help her fiance regain his powers before it was too late. [12] Though defined as crazy by many, the character is also lonely and misunderstood, having a generally benevolent relationship with the penguins of his realm. Bella Noche | Furthermore, unaware that the two learned of his origins as Simon Petrikov before being driven insane by the crown's influence, he is somewhat envious of Finn and Jake for being such good friends. Flying Lettuce Brothers | Magic Man | Friendship and companionship are all he really wants, albeit he often goes about it the wrong way. Stag | Martin Mertens | She has light-blue skin, short white hair and normal white eyebrows, unlike the lightning sharped eyebrown of the Ice Queen. Torcho | He first appeared in "Prisoners of Love". Pete Sassafras | Television, Fictional characters with ice or cold abilities, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 16 December 2020, at 18:15. Patience St Pim | The Ice King one day realizes why he does what he does, and his epiphany is that he is lonely and he wants a daughter, so he goes to Princess Bubblegum to create one for him. Flame Princess | He had a young fiancée named Betty, whom he referred to as his "princess" and loved dearly, and he was Marceline's "beloved friend" and guardian before his eventual abandonment of her. ... Olympia woman who got COVID-19 on Diamond Princess cruise says she's ready for another trip. He used a time portal to communicate with her. [10],, "An 'Adventure' For Kids And Maybe For Their Parents, Too", "FTW vs. WTF: The TV Week in Review (March 31)", "Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Official Home Page – Pendleton Ward Interview", "How Did Adventure Time Become Better Than Most Live-Action TV Shows? GOLB | Become Finn and Jake's new best friend.Get lots of friends. When Betty defeated the monster back in Wizard City, Ice King and everyone else got their powers back. Due to the immortality his crown provides him, the Ice King can remain alive even without his heart. Powers/Skills Whenever he kidnaps princesses, he treats them with care and respect. Guardian Angel | He proved to be the same way as a subservient and watchful guardian over young Marceline during the aftermath of the Mushroom War. Antique collector (formerly)Ruler of the Ice Kingdom (formerly) Aside from Gunter, his other penguin guards, and numerous ice creatures, Ice King expresses a continual zeal to spend time with anyone who will tolerate his company, especially Finn and Jake. The Ice King is misunderstood, lonely, and sad, so h… "[3], The fourth-season episode "I Remember You", which reveals the Ice King's relation with Marceline the Vampire Queen almost a thousand years before the beginning of the series, is usually seen as one of the best episodes of the series, and possibly the very best. Evil Monster | His ice-based magic abilities come from a magical crown he wears, which directly causes his insanity. Ice King Saves Princess Bubble Gum! Frankly, there was probably a Stick Princess somewhere. Evil-doer The episode begins with the princesses of Ooo waking up to find various parts and pieces of their bodies missing. In the series finale, Betty took the crown, thus is reverted back into Simon Petrikov once again. It is revealed that he kidnaps princesses to fill the gap made when Betty left him. Occupation Gunter |

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