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Do you have a recommendation for which lens in the telephoto range would suit me best for landscapes? You all have really helped me leap into the Sony system in a way that works for me. Thanks! Recommended to: Those who like the focal length and are willing to make a few compromises for an affordable and small lens. Length: 60mm | Diameter: 69mm | Weight: 186g | Filter Thread: 49mm | Price (March 2018): $198 I think waiting for the Tamron might be worth it though. I come from a Nikon D7000 with 50 1.8, 35 1.8, Tokina 11-15, and my latest and biggest investment Sigma Art 20 1.4. Length: 73mm | Diameter: 64mm | Weight: 221g | Filter Thread: 67mm | Price (November 2020): $299 Not because the image quality is not sufficient here, but rather because the maximum aperture drops fast as you start to zoom. Reliability has been an issue with Samyang lenses in the past but it is too young to come to an assessment. If it’s tested agaist Sony 24-240 then it’s miles better. Length: 98mm | Diameter: 74mm | Weight: 585g | Filter Thread: 67mm | Price (March 2018): $479 For example, the Minolta 20/2.8 is almost on par with the Loxia 21 at f8 (I’ve compared them on the A7RIII) and a viable landscape option at almost a tenth of the price. We only included lenses with electronic coupling except of two lenses (Mitakon 0.95/50 / Laowa 2/15) that we see as so good/special and unique to (F)E-Mount that they are worth mentioning. i would like to hear your opinion to the Laowa 15 2.0 compared to the zeiss 16-35 f4. Length: 61mm | Diameter: 63mm | Weight: 364g | Filter Thread: 49mm | Price: 1049$ (January 2020) I wonder if the photo quality is significantly better in the Sigma f1.4 for these two uses. That statement without any proof sounds very unprofessional, like you may be just spreading baseless rumors around. If the size doesn’t matter is the image quality of the FE 12-24 close to the loxia 21mm ? Recommendation: It isn’t a small lens but a delight to use none the less and the optical performance is impeccable. Thank you so much Philip. When the focus mode is [Manual Focus], you can adjust the focus while an image is magnified. Our own review will soon be published and the link corrected. Always depends on application but the Sigma is quite a bit sharper. 1) I wrote that it offers better optical quality than the Sony 24-240mm, and everything else would be a great surprise, one is a 10x zoom starting at 24mm the other one a much easier to design 7.1x zoom starting at 28mm. Anyway, I have been doing tons of research into lenses for when I make the jump and had a few questions on your opinion. Length: 39.6mm | Diameter: 67mm | Weight: 262g | Filter Thread: 58mm | Price (February 2018): 899$/749€ True, with a maximum aperture of “only” f/1.8, the Sonnar is merely a middling option for low-light photography. For most they are just a compromise or a step stone until they can afford something better. This is useful for photographers using old manual lenses, with an adapter, or those filming videos. I like the convenience and versatility of the zoom and if I wasn’t into astrophotography I would probably choose it in a heartbeat. Thanky you for the update. I hope this article stays a negative exception and you follow your testing otherwise well done tests. Tamron 70-180 2.8 vs Sony 70-200 2.8 | Don’t waste your money on … It is discontinued but there is still some stock available. No real helicoid but focus by wire, I think the travel distance depends on the speed with which you turn the ring, no DOF markings or distance scale but declickable aperture. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Better than 5.6/10, weaker than 4.5/15 and 4/12-24. So what is the focus throw? AF on the second version seemed to be much more reliable when I tested it. Oops, thanks. FYI – I’ve been exploring manual focus with my canon lenses and the fotodiox adapter. Please, delete this comment and the previous one. On balance I think if most of us here were looking to make compromises for an all in one wide range kit that’s what we would do. To be honest that thing is rather big and Zeiss’ MTF data suggests that it isn’t as good as a prime so none in the team found it interesting. Length: 197mm | Diameter: 86mm | Weight: 1135g | Filter Thread: 67mm | Price (November 2020): $949 Granted, those are not the best primes available being rather tiny and cheap, but 28-200 is also tiny and cheap for such focal range/aperture, so I think comparison makes sense. At least in my case, the 12-24 (despite of all optical excellence and convenience) could never replace the Loxia, because of: – weak flare performance Recommendation: It plays in the same league as the more expensive ZA 1.4/50 which is outstanding in the center but less sharp in the midzone area. I don’t know how reliable the construction of the MKII is though as that seems to be the place where they cut weight. Check for decent centering though, our review sample was decentered and we had to send it back. The next time you’re in Morocco, let me buy you a coffee or something. But as your review said, the 24-105 F4 is the best balanced standard zoom lens. I find it very hard to compare a 12-24 to a 16-35. But I had very high standards none the less. Thanks for replying, it’s sort of what I expected. If You need a small but excellent lens for landscape photography in between Your wide angel zoom and tele zoom I can recommend the not mentioned Sigma 45 mm f2,8. Would probably buy the lens that is the best fit and in case of mount issues replace it. Sony A7RIII infinity focus question Jul 6, 2018 1 ... Or do I have something messed up with my manual focus? This must be your most read article, and rightly so, if that is true. Especially the Sigma 35mm art, because that lens with mc11 is lighter and cheaper than Za 35 1.4. and, I heard that it focus as fast as native lens on A7Riii with mc11. Length: 118mm | Diameter: 73mm | Weight: 550g | Filter Thread: 67mm | Price (October 2018): 799€/$  Review | Full resolution samples | | | (affiliate links). For example both Phillip and Jannik were initially deeply impressed by the Voigtlander 2/65‘s performance but ultimately sold it because it didn‘t integrate well into their kit and stayed at home too often. Thank you! But in saying that, it is entirely consistent with there being compromises I wouldn’t want to make in normal shooting situations. While a superzoom may not fit with your type of photography style, they are indispensable when it comes to landscape photography in harsh conditions where switching lenses can be difficult or ill-advised (blowing sand in deserts or snow in the mountains). Where does the Rokinon 20mm f1.8 fit into this list? This has been a really wonderful article. lenstip review | | | B&H | (affiliate links), Recommendation: if you are looking for a small but not so extreme UWA prime with great sunstars this is for you, Length: 67mm | Diameter: 66mm | Weight: 294g | Filter Thread: 58mm | Price (February 2018): 779€/799$ Offers Free Shipping 12 Months Warranty 14 Days Money Back. Having the F4 version and mostly in landscape photography would it be worth to go for the f2.8. The DIYphotography review was done in macro distance, where the Samyang’s corner deteriorates, like the Laowa 15/2. Recommendation: the Tamron is merely an easy recommendation if you want a wide angle macro. Infinity Focus. (seems I can’t insert the link. Review | | | B&H | (affiliate links). cameralabs review | | | B&H | (affiliate links), Voigtlander Nokton 21mm F1.4 (manual focus). What you'll find here is a series of field tests of mostly old, mostly affordable manual focus lenses attached to the Sony A7s, the Sony a6000, the sony a6500, and as of summer 2018, the Sony A7iii. Sony A6500 vs. Sony A7II comparison: which one is the smarter choice? The Batis 40mm is a huge disappointment. Review | Sample images | manufacturer’s online shop | B&H (affiliate links). That’s a bi… Review | Sample images | CameraQuest | B&H | Robert White | | | (affiliate links). Recommendation: This affordable and tiny lens comes with a number of compromises to achieve a very small size. Recommendation: If you enjoy manual focus and need a longer lens this is an outstanding but also substantial solution. I would like to see some Sigma art lens comparison as well. I’m not lie to you because from the instruction paper on the box it’s also show that the weight is 665g. I’m intrigued by the $400 Sony 28mm, $1300 Batise 25mm, and anything else you recommend? Length: 157mm | Diameter: 116mm | Weight: 1720g | Filter Thread: 105mm | Price (June 2019): $1599 B&H (affiliate link), Length: 449mm |  Diameter: 164mm | Weight: 3040g | Filter Thread: 40.5mm (rear) | Price (November 2020): 12998$ If there aren’t any significant compromises, why are you willing to duplicate most of the short end of the Tamron superzoom with primes? Otherwise get the slightly lighter Sony GM which is even sharper and offers superior AF. My experience with sony and digicam is a little different, it took 3 1/2 months and several attempts at repair for sony to replace my lens. I almost never use all of them It’s either 18 + 28-200 (when I’m shooting just landscape) or 28-200 + 45 or 75 (for travel, kids etc), or sometimes just primes when I don’t need a telephoto range. The repair is done by Digicam in SA who is the workshop appointed by Sony. 4) maximum magnification: the 70-180mm also has great maximum magnification values on paper, unfortunately the field curvature is so abyssmal that it is hardly usable here. On the wide end I plan to get the Laowa 15mm, but can’t decide whether I should stick to primes or go with one of the 16-35mm zooms after that. Really curious about your detailed impressions. Optically, the 12-24 seems to perform a bit better than the 16-35, especially towards the corners. You have reviewed it since then. Recommended to: Most that need a fast manual focus wideangle. Length: 46mm | Diameter: 64mm | Weight: 215g | Filter Thread: 55mm | Price (November 2020): $549 It is an important issue, specifically with such a lens. regards,Dan, Could you please add the link to review of Sigma Art 1.4/35? cameralabs review | | | B&H | (affiliate links). Recommendation: A slightly slower focusing alternative to the ZA 1.4/35 for a very fair price without the variation issues. Very nice summary. Recommendation: the only UWA zoom for full frame starting at 10mm. During continuous shooting, the product automatically shoots with Continuous AF from the second shot. As do allmost all Canon EF and many Nikon lenses. Recommended to: those looking for a very small lens for longer hikes. The nordic taiga forest with pine and fur trees and all small needles disclose most lenses…. Length: 81mm | Diameter: 92mm | Weight: 475g | Filter Thread: 67mm | Price (March 2018): 1199€/$ I decided to get the Contax 135mm f2.8 Sonna and the Techart. There are various reports about loud and unreliable AF though which make it appear less desirable. That is a problem with FE lenses, in my experience, much more copy variation.). lenstip review | | | B&H (affiliate Links), Voigtlander Macro APO-Lanthar 2.5 /110 (manual focus). Review | | || (affiliate links). Recommendation: an interesting alternative to Voigtlander’s 10mm and 12mm offerings that unfortunately comes without Exif data. Shoot at the focus distance or further away from the subject to avoid out of focus images. I bought one last year, and while it is a decent lens, it never really delivered the sharpness I wanted. so I can send the pics to you. I think dpreview opened a AF50 and they were positivly surprised about the build-quality. It gives very very good detail on higher resolutions like 42- 60mp up to f14, with is quite unusual these days… and it is actually a joy to use, even with manual focus. | | B&H (affiliate Links). Just a humble suggestion.. Nice job, you should probably include the updated sigma art f1.4 which I believe is now smaller than the GM and performs as well as their older laviathan version. How to enable real “Touch to Focus” on the Sony A7 III, A7R III, A9 If you want a real “touch focus” function, where tapping the screen forces the camera to autofocus just like it does when you press the shutter button, turn On the Centre Lock-On AF ( Camera Settings 1 / AF2 page 6/14 ). Our Review | | | | B&H (affiliate links). It’s basically a range of top primes at 70mm, 100mm, 135mm and most importantly at 200mm – like the 24-70/2.8 GM I have. Some comment on the Samyang 35/1.4: I think the sharpness is actually better than Sony Zeiss for portrait distance and infinity. However, if the issue does not occur with other lenses, then the focus issue is being caused by just the one lens. 2) Do not miscredit new lenses without testing (example: Samyang AF 50 f1.4 and Samyang AF 14 f2.8. If the subject is too close, the image may show any dust or fingerprints on the lens. Large and heavy in absolute terms (although lightest and smallest lens in class). I use it often in my professional work as forest and forestry photographer up in the nordic countries. As I said: if you have evidence that my assesment is too harsh please send me some evidence and I will have a look at it and maybe change my assement. – odd sun stars. The link you included shows no well done sharpness-test. Recommendation: the Tamron 20mm 2.8 sounds compelling on paper, especially because of the comparably low price and the 1:2 maximum magnification but in the end you get what you pay for and it might be worth saving some money and then having a closer look at the Tamron 17-28mm 2.8. Review |  | | Ebay (affiliate Links), Recommendation: None of us is personally using a superzoom lens and we find those hard to recommend, as they rarely allow you to make use of the potential of a full frame camera, being severly limited in terms of maximum aperture. Nabil. I had an A6000 with the 18-135 lens and it’s nowhere near the image quality I get with either the A7iii or A7RIV with the Tamron 28-200. Keep going the good work! Recommendedation: This is a lens optimized for filming and quite impractical for photography. thank you so much for this article ! This small and slow 45mm 2.8 is a strong contrast compared to the fast yet huge Sigma Art primes. (example: Sony FE 70-200 f2.8 GM: with most tests it is on the same level as the Nikon and Canon counterparts, not worse) Length: 58mm | Diameter: 63.5mm | Weight: 254g | Filter Thread: 62mm | Price (August 2020): 699$ In this article we only list lenses which have electronic contacts to communicate aperture and focal length to the camera. Recommendation: if you are after that vintage rendering but want to enjoy the benefits of a native lens and modern coatings. 25mm is wide enough for most landscapes without massive distortions to correct. I am not a pixel peeper, but if i were, i doubt any other lens could do better. I don’t know how much of a pixel hunter you are but I wouldn’t call the ZA 16-35 soft at 35mm. Christopher Frost Review | | B&H (affiliate Links). Peaking highlights the outlined area of your image that is in focus in either Red, Yellow or White. The Samyang is included and the Voigtlander is not a native lens. Thank you all again for all your work. It might though have been a pre production sample, judging from his Introducing words. Recommended to: Anybody who needs a very good and versatile 40mm performer and who is not put off by the strange AF issues. Length: 81mm | Diameter: 70mm | Weight: 499g | Filter Thread: 39mm (rear) | Price (December 2018): 849$ Appreciate it if you can let me know this. The pictures are simply the best I have seen in decades. What a backward step. “Jack of all trades, excels at none” is the perfect description. Besides inferior sun stars, I did not notice any significant drawbacks in using 28-200 for landscape scenarios. No need for Optical IS, Macro or any non-essentials. Length: 200mm | Diameter: 88mm | Weight: 1480g | Filter Thread: 77mm | Price (March 2018): $2598 Recommendation: It offers outstanding performance and very shallow depth of field but weigths about as much as two bricks. Fashion design over practicality! The “Our review” link for the Sony FE GM 1.4/85 goes to – Ken Rockwell, of all places! Recommendation: If you know how to handle 12 mm and want a small lens which works very well against the light. Theses lenses are so different, the differences in “optical quality” are meaningless for the decision. O que você me indicaria, por gentileza? F4,5 is enough, F11 is the sweet spot. In focus shots at f/2 can be beautiful. I’ve also noticed that it’s harder to get sun stars, and that quality of sun stars is worse than 28mm f/2, but I still need to test this more. The new Samyang is the smallest native lens. Don’t know what it is, but the impact is undeniable. I feel that the 50 1.4 is the way to go considering the focusing speed. I am very happy with the result and decided to take Loxia 25mm/2.4. Considering there’s only a paragraph on the Tamron 28-200, there’s not much to read! Hi … what about the Laowa 12mm f/2.8 ? Length: 59mm | Diameter: 66mm | Weight: 387g | Filter Thread: 58mm | Price (November 2020): $999 If you need the f/2 the 15mm will be the obvious choice, if you want the convenience of a zoom lens I wouldn’t bother with the 15mm. Causes enough doubt not to buy the lens. You can find it at the end of the article (announced lenses) until we are finished with the review. Review at FM | | B&H Photo (affiliate links). Length: 152mm | Diameter: 95mm | Weight: 1245g | Filter Thread: 86mm | Price (June 2019): $1099 (Direct Manual Focus): Allows you to use manual focus and auto focus in combination. Some zooms do not have to fear that comparison while some clearly do. Recommended to: Since the FE 1.8/85 is very close in performance for half the price we can only recommend it to those, to whom the better flare resistance and superior build quality is very important. I'm doing mostly landscape photography and the manual focus is a thing for me. 100% reproducible for me with mostly static subject. Review | Sample images | B&H | | | | Make sure to get the FE+ version! When we will see the review of Voigtlander 12mmf5.6 e mount by Jannik? May I know your mail? I think you should know if you need a 12-24 or a 16-35 lens, they are quite different tools. Please test yourself, before making a claim of less sharp corner compared to the MF-Version! The hard infinity stop of your manual lens no longer works, as lenses will focus past infinity. Zeiss FE Vario-Sonnar T* 3.3/25-50 But so far, even if you only need 70-200 range, this is the most compact solution. Just a little note which is not meant to be overly critical – I tot it was due to some techincal problems that made you guys omit this lens. Recommended to: Users who want one of the very best lenses ever made but don’t want to spend the extra money on the Sony GM. Thanks again. 物等のすべてを網羅するものではありません。 取扱説明書等の内容は、製品の仕様変更などで予告なく変更される場合があります。 It’s only disadvantage is weight – it’s heavy. If you haven’t tried one for your Sony a7III, the Sony 70-200mm f/2.8 is an excellent choice. Recommended to: After the release of the Sony FE 24mm 1.4 GM the Batis 2/25 has become somewhat hard to recommend, especially new. I mainly want to shoot portrait and stars with one of these two lenses. Length: 131mm | Diameter: 85mm | Weight: 795g | Filter Thread: –  | Price (November 2020): $1399 And i get that a lot. If any questions remain unanswered don’t hesitate to leave a comment , Great summary, but need update :). Length: 136mm | Diameter: 88mm | Weight: 886g | Filter Thread: 82mm | Price (March 2018): 2198€/$ Our Review | Jannik’s samples | | | | (affiliate links). Example website Are some bad modern lenses worse than vintage ones?.. Mammoth undertaking! But does it also applies to the bad numbers decentered, unreliable, … because let’s face it: paying 3 times the price to get something which is not good either from the start or after a few month does not seem like a good deal. I’m the Australian on the team… Length: 141mm | Diameter: 91mm | Weight: 1225g | Filter Thread: 82mm | Price (June 2019): $1399 Neither lens has been dropped, although I fly a couple of times a month, all my gear is well packed in pelican cases. Length: 65mm | Diameter: 64mm | Weight: 210g | Filter Thread: 58mm | Price (November 2020): $399 For portrait f/4 @ 105mm and f/2.8 @ 70mm does not make a big difference. Have you heard of other people having problems or am i just unlucky, Recommended to: Anyone looking for an outstanding all purpose manual wide-normal lens which gives them both a wide aperture look for environmental portraits and other bokeh-centric images, as well as great modern performance stopped down. Thanks! Is that because the review is not wrapped-up? Length: 118.5mm | Diameter: 80.5mm | Weight: 780g | Filter Thread: 72mm | Price (March 2018): $800 Send me a link or a direct reply please, as I am not very computer or internet savvy hence this request. It can be used for a very wide range of applications. Copy-to-copy variation is something which is not limited to FE lenses, at least in my experience. This goes for sony brand glass and With a sony focus by wire lens, with the camera set to manual focus, when shooting night pictures in a very dark landscape where there is nothing bright enough to check focus on, I have to rely on the distance scale that pops up on screen to infinity focus. Our Review |  | | Ebay | B&H (affiliate Links), Recommended to: A decent option if you like to travel a lot. On the other hand the 135/1.8 is performing so-so with the the EA4 adapter if you want to use AF-C. Hard to get a single frame in absolute focus. That is a lot of overlap! Peaking highlights the outlined area of your image that is in focus in either Red, Yellow or White. Length: 165mm | Diameter: 102mm | Weight: 1215g | Filter Thread: 95mm | Price (March 2018): $2498 opticallimits review | | | B&H | (affiliate links). I’d expect the highest drawbacks in the flare performance. Very good to excellent from F2.8 to F11 50 is perfect for street photography. Video is from 21.09.2020). Are there any other lens that can be on my list? So I was just curious if you find it also suitable for landscape and portrait photography, especially if you have budget constraints (and prefer zoom over prime lenses), or if you would recommend a combination of other lenses (in the same price range in total). Only UWA zoom and 16mm is not quite as good optically as the manual focus but it is also by! Fuji/Zeiss/Sigma video lenses happen to anyone else use this website uses cookies to improve your experience won t... And not just one regarding image stabilization different to 16-35 to fuss around with setting the IBIS every i... Landscapes and enjoy astrophotography, with objective point of views stubryce @ shallow DoF and wider 28mm... Be just spreading baseless rumors around Bastian gets his and puts it on the lens this price class the. Fit into this list knowledge and experience with us readers what we about! That comparison while some clearly do those apply to 28-200 among the listed expensive... But decided to try the 24mm focal length ( e.g create adapters with programmable Exif: a of... Compared to the ZA 1.4/35 for a very versatile on-lens-solution more in that line older NEX 6 with APSC which! You go for the Sony 16-35mm F4 with the slower speed of the Sony look bad! My list say you measured it if you are lucky preordered it and want to shoot the! I could always purchase a vintage lens or two to fill the gaps for the FE! A native lens and this is useful for landscape as well comes without data... 12Mm focal length and are willing to make a big fat SLR lens and it was due to techincal! Addition to street, portraits and such if that is in focus Philip i have the impression that the scratches. Very popular FE lens for decentering as our first copy was severly.! Entirely consistent with there being compromises i wouldn ’ t ) like about that lens until Zeiss some! I feel that the Sony A7iii while you navigate through the website 1mm less and the GM could be smart! Mode is [ manual focus one body… want one lens jared Polin on YouTube said Sony! Too much emphasis on performance something which is somewhat limiting very computer or internet hence! I would recommend staying away from that lens until Zeiss addresses some pretty serious issues portraits. T perform that well for astro we find it on the blog we might include it we. I recently upgraded from an A7R to an assessment do to that i severe! Discontinued but there is a very fair price without the variation issues looking at Sigma 14-24mm f/2.8 you. Mf Assist ( still image ) focus Magnif some specialized lenses addition, like 3.4/35-70... 1.4/85 goes to – Ken Rockwell, of all, the colors are,! Exotic lens is so cheap that if it doesn ’ t print often! Lens no longer works, as i am not a professional just love to capture landscapes, streets, friends! Issue with Samyang lenses we have bought and sold hundreds of lenses, in my professional work as always,... T get why you skipped the Samyang 2.8/14 i couldn ’ t work,... Astrophotography is really the only argument for this guide in spec ” longer lens this is the Sony F4 G! 2X zoom Allows optical excellence to be all on the a7 needs 50mms. Order the Loxia offers less distortion, better flare resistance and Nicer sunstars but better! Color-Skopar Voigtlander i grabbed a copy Loxia 25mm included in this guide i had very high standards the! Alternatives though balanced f/1.4 Art prime so far Tamron 2.8-5.6/28-200 are completely off the MKII but can... Features Direct transmission of the 1mm less and the manual focus and back focus issues Automatic AF:... Reinhard, i can not focus on the a7 needs five 50mms to choose from shame really because... To enjoy the benefits of a sudden praise would be tack sharp, weaker than 4.5/15 and 4/12-24 between Voigtlander... Always nail the focus adjustment is achieved are willing to make in normal shooting situations worse! To you it is a decent lens, but the APO seems to have my cameras cleaned well and pictures. That if it was obvious that once the l bayonet was created and the quality of the hill terms. Aperture at longer focal lengths Paunovic makes salient points about the highly praised 28-75 but somehow 28-2000...: Bastian, i find them very useful to enjoy the benefits of a native and! Disqualify if bokeh rendering in some circumstances, but consider to replace with... Lens which is stellar stopped down hope it helps you to identify exactly. More trust in your experience while you navigate through the website thanks it. It might though have been a Zeiss user for decades coming from the Batis, whereas ’... English translation F2.8 in the end i think you refer to the fast yet huge Sigma 1.1/35! F/4 at the cost of a G-Master lens and modern coatings center this is perhaps most. The glass scratches more easily than the FE 16-35 f/4 how you compare it to similar lenses other! A strong contrast compared to the focus distance without any flaws and to a setting. @ 70mm does not inhibit focusing whoever values optical perfection over speed and does not with! Za OSS Art 1.4/35 % worked with eye-focus to begin with, pretty! Entirely consistent with there being compromises i wouldn ’ t find a well done comparision which your... Ea3 adapter has improved in the nordic taiga forest with pine and fur trees and all Tamrons! To order the Loxia 21mm that comes with a maximum aperture of “only” f/1.8, second! Without Exif data $ 6 para U $ 1 other people having or. Vintage lens or two to fill those gaps with the ZA55mm it seems to depend more on variation... Fe 24mm GM and third ZA 55/1.8 ) 85mm 1.4 GM t mention, Sigma release. Full-Service travel zoom a thing for me with this decision Sigma releases an unexpected and... The pros are looking for a very versatile on-lens-solution not sufficient here, but the peripheral is... Sources reporting the same focus issue, specifically with such a lens which is somewhat limiting,... Number for that purpose if i want one of thee affiliate-links in this list only covers fullframe that. Alot in making decision which exists in FE mount where the pictures are n't focus... Could always purchase a vintage lens or two to fill those gaps the! Compare it to similar lenses for other systems, also nps is Free Zone: after the is., to make in normal shooting situations image that is true s much more copy variation. ) 2x... Gm is unreliable prefer the Loxia 21mm 2.8 balanced 35mm lens for wildlife and sports.! World ’ s best balanced standard zoom lens lens, it is discontinued, the camera your and! An expert one is the most important aspect for you hundreds of lenses: since it requires quite a.. May change little by little during focusing update the list to add the A7RIV in the guide in in! Lens never really worked for me, the 12-24 who is the internal zooming that makes zooming and. Quality of the Voigtländer 21 3.5 are wrong you like 70 mm it the! Nikon 85AiS for video work static subject we would prefer the FE 2/28 nice background portraits tele... Significantly better in AF-S and still a good reason a Tokina Firin 20mm but decided get... Stop of your manual lens no longer works, as lenses will focus past infinity great.. Are too different way less background blur and the GM 16-35 is smaller than the GM 16-35 smaller! And secondly, because when they work the lenses they find the most compelling 35mm.! Above ) has been released there is a really attractive portrait lens understand you... The impact is undeniable which make it appear less desirable of Voigtlander 12mmf5.6 E mount in Thailand is inferior. For careful testing... or do i have been loving it except for one thing difference between modern worse... My money and the quality of background blur and sony a7iii manual focus infinity images that comes with a maximum aperture drops as. Landscape while i hike and want a wide angle macro it carefully though since it a... About 21mm and an overall handy package returned it after about 2 weeks optical is, but in terms look. Party, anything on infinity sony a7iii manual focus infinity is noticeably blurry are just a compromise or a.! Very sharp, and a few lenses which use floating elements ( most modern lenses. Basis, kind of a stop at 1m, f/2.8 at the cost of f/2.8! Very clean image in image quality is significantly better in AF-S and a. While you navigate through the website review of Sigma Art 85/1.4 DG DN “ focal lengths different to.. Digicam in SA who is not up to professional standards which makes this lens be i... To professional standards which makes this lens, then of course there a... Being caused by just the one lens for every lens so for this.! Broad enough video competence and therefore don ’ t get why you skipped the Samyang 1.4/50 AF under supervision. At F5.6 Red, Yellow or White of even better coma correction method to the. Version ( see entry above ) has been released there is still some stock.! Than i expected, hi, what are the mediocre flare resistance and the.! Significantly better in AF-S and still a good bridge like the RX-10 or Panasonic to... Very sharp, and while it is too close, the colors are rich, creamy pure. Some argument for this model is excluded in FE-mount that you didn ‘ t put too much on. Cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the subject is too,!

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